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Message from the Chairperson of the Sustainability Committee

Message from the Chairperson of the Sustainability Committee, Isuzu Motors Limited, Executive Vice President,and Director, Shinichi Takahashi

Amid a once-in-a-century transformation, environmental changes are accelerating, and businesses are becoming more complex. The automotive industry has less than 10 years until the SDGs target achievement year of 2030. Requests and expectations for ESG initiatives from stakeholders, including investors, are further increasing. Dealing with climate change has become a common challenge for all humankind, and the world is accelerating its efforts to become carbon neutral. Additionally, the importance of logistics as fundamental social infrastructure is high, and there are expectations for advancements in logistics, such as the practical application of connected and autonomous driving.
In light of these circumstances and with a greater determination to actively address societal challenges, on May 12, the Isuzu Group established a new corporate philosophy framework called "ISUZU ID." To fulfill the mission of "Moving the World - for You," we will invest a total of 1 trillion yen in ISUZU ID for research and development, facility investments, and business investments by 2030, focusing on initiatives such as carbon neutrality and logistics DX. To embody this mission, we will carry out actions such as implementing climate change measures and transforming our corporate structure towards becoming a group that fosters innovation. Furthermore, we will work on strengthening governance and expanding disclosure, while further deepening our traditional commitment to "management from an ESG perspective."
Isuzu has established a Sustainability Committee as a framework to promote sustainability issues, and it is responsible for deliberating and making decisions on measures aimed at addressing environmental and social challenges.
In FY2023, we advanced efforts towards the 2030 Environmental Roadmap formulated in June as part of our climate change measures strategy. Moreover, as a response to societal challenges, we conducted human rights due diligence across the entire supply chain and reinforced our commitment to respecting human rights. On a Group-wide basis, we are promoting sustainability activities across the Group by holding Isuzu Group Sustainability Liaison Conferences and working more closely with Group companies. In FY2024, we will continue to drive progress towards resolving societal challenges such as climate change and human rights risks while acknowledging their existence.
The Sustainability Committee also reports to the Management Meeting and the Board of Directors as appropriate and is deeply involved in management while working to resolve social issues.
We will continue to accelerate our ESG initiatives by further enhancing and strengthening our management from an ESG perspective.

We would like to thank our stakeholders for your continued understanding and support.