Isuzu products working hard in Japan and abroad.

ELF Light-duty Trucks

Launched in 1959, the N-Series (ELF in Japan) is Japan's representative light-duty truck. Recognized for its outstanding combination of economy, safety, reliability and durability, it is the best-selling light-duty truck in numerous countries around the world.

FORWARD Medium-duty Trucks

F-Series (FORWARD in Japan) medium-duty trucks support a wide range of applications including arterial transportation and inner-city delivery, as well as various construction tasks and operations. A variety of models are available, including a 4-bag air suspension model offering high-quality transportation and a short-cab model with increased load efficiency. The F-Series is especially well received in Asia and Australia. A full model change in 2023 significantly enhanced environmental performance, safety and economy.

GIGA Heavy-duty Trucks & Tractors

The C&E Series (GIGA in Japan) heavy-duty truck and tractor series is designed to proactively reduces costs and enhance safety. It is equipped with 4-bag air suspension, the Smoother-Gx mechanical automatic transmission and VAT advanced visual support technology. The C-Series truck and E-Series tractor models have No.1 share in Australia and New Zealand markets, and are growing in popularity in China and Hong Kong.