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Basic Approach

To create the Isuzu's purpose of "Moving the World - for You", we will continue our efforts towards carbon neutrality and contribute to the evolving logistics. Additionally, we will advance the following initiatives to contribute to the resolution of social issues by respecting national and regional cultures, and by engaging with local communities and societies through our business activities.

Themes for Social Contribution Initiatives

1. Balance between global environmental sustainability and global economic growth

In addition to reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes and promoting recycling-oriented business, we will provide economically friendly products and services that have low environmental impact through the creation of innovation geared toward decarbonization such as the development of products with advanced environmental performance that contribute to efficient transportation.

2. Realization of a society in which people and goods can be transported safely, securely, and efficiently.

Isuzu creates innovation in the fields of automated driving and connected technologies while leveraging business collaborations with its trusted partners. Additionally, the Company will continue to make efforts to enhance its after-sales service network, in addition to supplying products equipped with state-of-the-art safety features so as to provide products and services that underpin the transportation industry.

3. Harmony with Local Communities

Isuzu is to respect national and regional cultures, participate in and harmonize with local communities and societies through business activities etc. By doing so, we will strive to win the trust of local communities and contribute to their prosperity.

Management Structure

Isuzu has established the Social Promotion Subcommittee headed by the Sustainability Committee to discuss and address social issues. Representatives from all divisions participate in the Social Responsibility Promotion Subcommittee, which examines ESG evaluation trends and sustainability management issues and promotes activities that lead to improvements in Isuzu's social reputation.

Management Structure
Mechanisms to Encourage Employee Participation

While encouraging employee participation by using posters and companywide e-mails, we also communicate the results of our activities on a broad scale both internally and externally with our in-house newsletter as well as Isuzu’s website and community site.

Support for External Initiatives and Coordination with Industry Groups
Support for External Initiatives and Coordination with Industry Groups

We are promoting activities that invite employee participation while engaging in coordination and cooperation with various groups.

  • World Vision International
  • OISCA International
  • Specified nonprofit corporation TABLE FOR TWO International
  • Registered NPO Second Harvest Japan


Harmony with Local Communities

Isuzu Plaza
Purpose of Establishing Isuzu Plaza

The Isuzu Plaza was opened next to the Fujisawa Plant in April 2017 as part of the Isuzu Motors 80th anniversary project. The Isuzu Plaza consists of three zones that include “supporting transportation,” “Isuzu manufacturing (monozukuri),” and “the history of Isuzu,” which teach people about Isuzu and encourage them to feel closer to the Company. In the future, we will hold various events and manufacturing workshops to connect with the local community and foster relationships with people in the region.

Isuzu Plaza
Isuzu Plaza
Number of Visitors
Direction of Exhibits and Activities

Exhibits and events proactively introduce Isuzu's social contribution activities. They help stakeholders understand the social contributions Isuzu makes through its products and services and the social contribution activities themselves and will motivate Isuzu Group employees to engage in such activities, thereby further promoting them. In the future, we plan to highlight the importance of trucks in supporting affluent lifestyles and Isuzu's efforts to solve social issues.

Cooperation with the Community

Since FY2022, Isuzu has been collaborating with Fujisawa City to promote activities that support the "awareness of fire prevention and firefighting operations." In FY2023, we launched a permanent exhibition of Rescue Vehicle III (chassis made by Isuzu) donated by Fujisawa City. In this exhibition, we have set up two monitors to showcase the purpose of the Fujisawa City Fire Department, the thoughts of its members, and Isuzu's manufacturing process to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, we held the Parent-Child Firefighting Event where firefighting personnel, who are regularly present at the scenes of disasters, provided explanations and practical demonstrations of their work. The event offered various activities, including lectures, virtual fire station tours, rides on a ladder truck, and rescue demonstrations by the high-angle rescue team. Attendees showed a high level of interest in and understanding of firefighting duties, and they also expressed their expectations regarding the activities. We will continue to hold these events regularly to contribute to the development of the local area.

Rescue vehicle
Rescue vehicle
Parent-Child Firefighting Event
Parent-Child Firefighting Event
Social Studies Field Trip Initiatives

For many years, Isuzu has been conducting tours of the Isuzu Fujisawa Plant as one of its educational support initiatives for fifth-grade students. These tours provide the students with a deeper understanding of the automotive industry. Since the opening of Isuzu Plaza in April 2017, a new tour has been established that combines a visit to the Fujisawa Plant with a visit to Isuzu Plaza. At the Plant, we provide an opportunity for visitors to experience the Plant and gain an understanding of the experiences of the workers and the ingenuity of the manufacturing process. At the Plaza, we offer a learning space where visitors can experience and understand the role of commercial vehicles, the environment, and safety.

Virtual Social Studies Tour Offerings and Objectives

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to provide more children with opportunities to learn about the automotive industry. With this intention in mind, we collaborated with the Board of Education and elementary schools to create a web-based Isuzu Virtual Social Studies Tour (IVSST)". We started a trial roll-out of the tour in 2021, covering 58 schools. In FY2023, we made improvements in content, methods of progression, and more, with participation from 72 schools and 6,527 students.
IVSST was also implemented in three elementary schools in Mukawa-cho, Yufutsu-gun, Hokkaido, where the Isuzu Hokkaido Proving Ground is located. We provided learning opportunities about the automotive industry even to students in remote areas. Moving forward, we will continue to improve the curriculum and operations to provide a more enriching educational experience to a greater number of students.

IVSST elementary school class
IVSST elementary school class
IVSST implementation at the Plaza
IVSST implementation at the Plaza
Social Studies Visit Data
Social Studies Visit Data

Eliminating Poverty and Supporting Education

Support Program for Auto Mechanics Vocational School

In November 2008, Isuzu launched its unique social contribution project to celebrate its 70th anniversary. As part of the project, Isuzu has been involved in a program run by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) of Tacloban City on the island of Leyte in the Philippines. In the program, Isuzu supports an automobile mechanic vocational school in training economically disadvantaged young people.
This activity is not limited to mere financial assistance, but also includes support based on our own expertise.
Specifically, we dispatch Japanese instructors to the area to provide technical education support called Isuzu Juku. Based on this effort, the vocational school provides students with advanced maintenance skills in areas such as electricity, transmission, engines and braking, and also instills the mindset of 5S (seiri/sort, seiton/set in order, seiso/shine, seiketsu/standardize and shitsuke/sustain the discipline). Consequently, graduates from the vocational school are received favorably at their places of employment.
In April and November 2022, the entrance ceremonies for the 21st and 22nd cohorts, respectively, and the closing ceremonies for current students were held. These were available to be live-streamed for the first time in Japan and parts of the Philippines. The automobile mechanic vocational school has produced 351 graduates (as of March 2023). Many of them work at dealerships in the Philippines and overseas. Also, more graduates are coming to Japan for employment. From 2019 up to March 2023, nine graduates have found employment at Isuzu and dealerships in Japan. These graduates have been commended for their advanced technical capabilities. In fact, the vocational school has produced two I-1 Grand Prix* winners. Graduates from the vocational school are equipped with advanced technical skills and professional mindsets and are highly regarded by their employers.
On November 18, 2023, the school will celebrate its 15th anniversary.

  1. *Grand Prix: Isuzu World Service Technical Competition (I-1GP) National and regional tournaments to determine the world’s most skilled individual in servicing/engineering, where Isuzu’s most talented service staff and engineers from many different countries and regions gather to compete in knowledge and technical skills with the aim of raising the level of service in these countries and providing the best service to Isuzu customers at any time and any place.
The 22nd entrance ceremony
The 22nd entrance ceremony
Japanese extracurricular lesson
Japanese extracurricular lesson
A student practices vehicle disassembly
A student practices vehicle disassembly
Achievements at Competitions Worldwide
  • I-1GP top three awards (CV 1st place in FY2016, CV 3rd place and LCV 2nd place in FY2017, and CV 1st place in FY2019)
  • 1st place at TESDAʼs Philippine National Skills Competition in FY2018, participation in the FY2019 ASEAN competition / Achievements within the Isuzu Group
  • Three graduates were accepted at Isuzu Motors Syutoken and MSTC in FY2019 and are working with in the Isuzu Group.
  • Six graduates were accepted at Isuzu Motors Syutoken and Isuzu Motors Kinki in FY2020 and are working within the Isuzu Group.
  • 3rd place at the 2020 I-1 GP e-competition (two of the players are graduates from TESDA)
    Evaluations of the project in the Philippines
Evaluation of the Same Project in the Philippines
  • Commended by TESDA Main Office and the Office of the President in FY2009
  • Received the Kabalikat award (the highest TESDA award at the national level), and commended by President Arroyo at the Malacañang Palace in FY2010
  • Received the Gold Award under the CSR education category from the Society of Philippine Motoring Journalists (SPMJ) in FY2018
Winning the 3rd place at the 2020 I-1GP e-competition
Winning the 3rd place at the 2020 I-1GP e-competition
These graduates work at Isuzu dealerships in Japan
These graduates work at Isuzu dealerships in Japan

Educational Support

Children’s Lecture about Antarctic Exploration Held

Isuzu has been dispatching employees to Antarctic exploration expeditions for 66 years, starting with the first expedition in 1956. Isuzu's trucks and engines have long supported Antarctic observation missions. An Antarctic Children's Lecture Meeting was led by a lecturer who is an alumnus of an Isuzu Antarctic research expedition in the hope that Isuzu's Antarctic activities, which contribute to society, will encourage children’s curiosity and prompt them to reflect on their future careers. In FY2023, this event was held four times at Isuzu Plaza, Tsujido Seaside Park. Approximately 200 people attended. The presentation also introduced the importance of environmental conservation through an exploration of the current state of the environment and animal life in Antarctica and the work of Isuzu trucks, snowmobiles, and power generation engines in Antarctica’s harsh environment, including the measures taken to keep them in operation and able to support scientific observation in the region.

Exhibition at the Antarctica children's lecture
Exhibition at the Antarctica children's lecture
The Isuzu Monozukuri Workshops Held

Since FY2015, Isuzu has been holding the Isuzu Monozukuri Workshop, which was devised to allow attendees to experience the fun and appreciate the importance of manufacturing(monozukuri ) at the Shonandai Cultural Center and Tsujido Seaside Park. In this fiscal year, we held 12 Design Classes where participants experienced design work and roles. A total of 226 people took part. Furthermore, the Manufacturing (monozukuri) Experience Casting Workshop, utilizing Isuzu's technology, was held 4 times and boasted 64 participants. Additionally, the Fuel Cell Classroom, aimed at enhancing children's environmental awareness, had 40 participants. Also, 40 people participated in the Environmental Christmas Wreath Workshop, which used natural materials collected from Isuzu's Fujisawa and Tochigi plants to make wreaths. In the future, Isuzu will continue to hold workshops on its strengths in manufacturing (monozukuri) and efforts toward environmental protection.

Casting workshop at Isuzu Plaza
Casting workshop at Isuzu Plaza
DeuSEL® Project Special Lesson Held at Elementary School

On November 18, 2022, we conducted a class on DeuSEL® for fifth graders at Sakado Elementary School in Kawasaki City, while also taking thorough infection control measures such as constant ventilation of the bus and hand sanitizing when getting on and off the bus. This event has been held for the past eight years to teach children about the importance of future fuels and the global environment through the role of trucks and buses in society and has been well-received each time. Representatives from Isuzu and Euglena Co., Ltd. gave explanation about DeuSEL®, before the pupils test-rode a DeuSEL® bus and watched euglena. The Q&A session was filled with honest questions that were unique to children but were also to the point.

Diesel travel class at Sakado Elementary School
DeuSEL® travel class at Sakado Elementary School
Established Isuzu Town Featuring Informative Content for Children

Isuzu Town, featuring informative content for children, has been launched on the Isuzu website in 2021.
It was designed to resemble a town called Isuzu Town and highlights the various transportation that children encounter in their daily lives. The content is suitable for children and is designed to make learning about logistics, which is indispensable to our daily lives, and the manufacturing that supports it enjoyable by incorporating play, videos, and illustrations. We create content that carefully considers what Isuzu should convey to the children who are responsible for the future.

Established Isuzu Town Featuring Informative Content for Children
Isuzu Work Introduction Is Held

On January 21, 2023, Isuzu work Introduction was held at Shinagawa Gakuen in Shinagawa Ward to convey what it means to work to children through the example of the work done by Isuzu.
The event was held as part of Shinagawa Ward’s Shinagawa Dream Job* program and has been run by Isuzu since 2018. Thus, this was the fifth event of this kind. The target group consisted of 120 first-year junior high school students. On January 12, during the preliminary learning session, an Introduction to Isuzu Motors overview was delivered in person. On the day of the job introduction lesson, three instructors from the international sales, engineering, and manufacturing departments conducted face-to-face classes. By arousing students' interests from various perspectives such as manufacturing and overseas experiences, we conveyed the importance and attractiveness of working by delivering firsthand accounts of job satisfaction and the sense of purpose one’s professional life can offer.

  1. *Shinagawa Dream Job: A program where students develop an interest in careers through listening to talks from companies and individuals who are active in various fields, allowing the students to contemplate their future and learn how to achieve their dreams.
Work Introduction at Shinagawa Gakuen
Work Introduction at Shinagawa Gakuen
Co-sponsoring the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra Factory Event at Two Elementary Schools Near the Fujisawa Plant

Isuzu co-sponsored the Orchestra Factory* by the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, which was held at Fujisawa Municipal Matano Elementary School in Kanagawa Prefecture on October 6, and at Fujisawa Municipal Koito Elementary School on October 7. This program, which is currently in its ninth year, aims to foster the pupils’ creativity and enrich their artistic sensibility by providing them with an opportunity to experience live music. Conductor Mr. Hori gave an easy-to-understand explanation of orchestras (and cars) to the lower-grade students, saying, "An orchestra is like a car; it cannot be completed (performed) if any part (instrument) is missing." Isuzu will continue to expose children to the world of monozukuri.

  1. *Orchestra Factory: An event in which children can experience the creation of something wonderful (i.e., music) through a unified group effort by listening to live orchestral performances and performing with the orchestra members. The aim is for the pupils to imagine, by experiencing the music live, the act of manufacturing a product in a factory.
Children attentively listen to the live performance.
Children attentively listen to the live performance.

Children attentively listen to the live performance

Harmony with Local Communities

Donating Cakes to Orphanages and Similar Institutions

Isuzu donates cakes to local orphanages and similar institutions during the Christmas season. In FY2023, we donated Christmas cakes and more to kindergartens, preschools, and orphanages such as Yokohama City, Omori, Fujisawa, and Tochigi where our new head office is located. We have been donating cakes in the Omori area since 1989 and in the Fujisawa and Tochigi areas since 2007.

Donation Ceremony for Tochigi City
Donation ceremony for Tochigi City
Participation in the Forestation of Mt. Fuji

Isuzu participates part in the Mt. Fuji Forestation Project to restore the rich forests and ecosystems of the Hokuroku area near Mt. Fuji which was registered a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site in 2013. Since FY2009, we have participated in forestation activities and have collaborated with relevant organizations such as OISCA International and Yamanashi Prefecture Forestry Development and Production Cooperative. In FY2023, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was difficult to visit the area to conduct afforestation activities. So, as another form of support, we donated 700 bottles of disinfectant spray to Tochigi City made from the aroma extracted from a conifer called shirabe (a member of the fir family), which was collected as part of the Forestation Project of Mr. Fuji activity. These sprays were distributed by the Health and Welfare Department of Tochigi City. We asked that these be distributed to each facility to show our appreciation and support for the dedicated staff members who continue to work on the front lines of the pandemic and to help them feel the healing power of fragrance, even during these difficult times. The Mayor of Tochigi City presented us with a letter of appreciation for this initiative.

Distribution to: Staff members at facilities for senior citizens and day service centers.

‘Children’s Forest’ Project Support Project: Making Use of Secondhand Books Activities

Children’s Forest, a project run by OISCA International, supports children’s efforts to plant and grow trees at schools and in communities. The aim is for the children to develop a respect for greenery and a love of nature. Isuzu started supporting this project in 2015 and from FY2023, Isuzu Group companies located in the new Isuzu main office building in Yokohama have also begun supporting the project. Specifically, Isuzu’s employees donate secondhand books for sale and the funds are then donated to the Children’s Forest project.

Number of Buyable Books
FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Head Office 160 57 179
Fujisawa 76 244 29
Tochigi 0 0 0
Total 236 301 208

Addressing Poverty


At Isuzu, we introduce the Table For Two program (TFT) in the Company canteens and cafe areas to encourage employees to have healthy eating habits and also participate in social contribution activities. This allows an employee to donate ten yen automatically by buying a Healthy Menu item or healthy drink or using the charity box. Then, the same amount of donation is added by Isuzu, making the total amount of donation per person 20 yen per time. Through an NPO named the Table for Two International, donations are appropriated for school meals for impoverished children in developing countries.

Number of Donated School Meals (Equivalent)
FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Head Office 7,011 7,529 32,234
Fujisawa 2,411 3,722 3,736
Tochigi 1,786 4,042 2,344
Total 11,208 15,293 38,314
  1. *The support of TFT extends to five countries, including Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, and the Philippines. Isuzu operates business in all of these countries.
Food Drive

Isuzu carries out the "Food Drive" initiative to reduce food waste and contribute to the improvement of social welfare. Employees bring food items close to their best-by dates from home and donate them to the registered NPO Second Harvest Japan, which distributes the foodstuffs to local charity groups and institutions.

Recovery Results
FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Number of participants 199 193 277
Weight (kg) 200.2 218.1 232.0

Social Contribution Expenditure

Isuzu (non-consolidated) social contribution expenditure in FY2023: 790 million yen

Social contribution activity expenses In-kind donation Donation
Amount (millions of yen) 702 4 85
Humanitarian aid for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey.

In response to the significant damage caused by the earthquake that occurred in southern Turkey on February 6, 2023, including house collapses and other extensive impacts, we donated funds as humanitarian aid through the Japanese Red Cross Society to assist the affected individuals.

Social Contribution Activities of Group Companies

Initiatives at Isuzu East Africa

At Isuzu East Africa (IEA), we are committed to engaging in social contribution activities with three pillars: road safety, training, and the environment, as part of our CSR initiatives. Through these activities, we establish connections with the government and local communities, which also contributes to the support for the Isuzu brand.

Activities for 'Training'

In Kenya, the transition rate from primary school to secondary school remains at about 50%. The main cause of this is primarily due to a lack of funding, causing many young people to miss out on educational opportunities. Therefore, IEA supports highly capable students from disadvantaged backgrounds to receive secondary education opportunities.

Every year, scholarships are provided to underprivileged students, and since 2005, approximately 70 students have gone on to local universities.
Every year, scholarships are provided to underprivileged students, and since 2005, approximately 70 students have gone on to local universities.