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Sustainability Promotion System

The Isuzu Group has established the Sustainability Committee, chaired by the Executive Vice President, and Director of Isuzu Motors Limited and with permanent membership composed of the executives in charge of each area and other senior management, to promote sustainability throughout the Group.

The Sustainability Committee meets regularly (more than four times annually) to discuss and decide on matters related to sustainability, such as climate change risks and human rights. The matters discussed by the Sustainability Committee are reported to the Management Meeting and the Board of Directors depending on their importance.

Under the umbrella of the Sustainability Committee, specialized environmental and social subcommittees, each chaired by a relevant standing Committee member, have been established to address specific issues.

Management Structure

Composition of Sustainability Committee, Board of Directors, Management Meeting, reported, supervise, The Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee Meetings in FY2023

Meetings held:
  • 6
Main Agenda Items
  • Initiatives on Human Rights Issues
  • Regarding the Establishment of a Framework for Promoting Energy Procurement to Achieve Carbon Neutrality in Our Business Activities
  • DE&I Promotional Activity Plan
  • Participation in the GX League
  • Activity reports of each Subcommittee