The New 3-year Business Plan (April 2003 - March 2005)

In August '02, Isuzu Motors Limited announced that it was developing a "New 3-year Business Plan" - - - a new plan that facilitates Isuzu to accelerate and extend the reach and scope of the V-Plan initiatives; that allows Isuzu to strengthen its collaborative relationship with GM; that directs Isuzu toward fundamental restructuring of North American SUV businesses.
After the announcement, Isuzu carried out specific studies by receiving kind assistance of General Motors Corporation and Mizuho Corporate Bank, and completed the compilation of the New 3-year Business Plan. The contents of the Plan received agreements and support from GM, Mizuho CB and other financial institutions. And, Isuzu reached a basic agreement with Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

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 I.Outline of the New 3-year Business Plan html (14KB) pdf (163KB)
 II.Review of Business Structure html (15KB) pdf (189KB)
 III.Reinforcement of Management Control html (12KB) pdf (67KB)  
 IV.Re-capitalization html (13KB) pdf (61KB)  
 V.Future Vision, Business Strategy html (16KB) pdf (140KB)
 VI.Quantitative Targets html (32KB) pdf (124KB)

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