I. On-going Mid-term Business Plan (Apr. 2005 to Mar. 2008)

1. Performance Target

· Isuzu achieved MBP performance targets set for Mar. '07 one year in advance. Despite domestic market decline this year, consolidated operating profit is likely to exceed JPY100 bil. at the end of current fiscal term in March '08.
Performance Target

2. Domestic Japan CV Business

· Achieved MTBP market share targets, building even stronger position while establishing solid foundation for strong growth of peripheral businesses.
· Completed rebuilding corporate health of dealerships. Newly installed organization already in full-blown operation, aiming at robust business expansion and efficiency improvement.
Domestic Japan CV Business

3. International CV Business

· Increased CV shipment/sales volume and improved profitability through steadfast implementation of sales expansion measures
· Laid down structural underpinnings for robust business growth in international markets by reinforcing operating capabilities and tapping into new markets
International CV Business

4. Footprint of Global Operations

· Isuzu has been making aggressive investments around the world for engineering and manufacturing activities, as well as in local sales operations, as a run-up for a globalization of operating organizations.
Footprint of Global Operations

5. Summary of Current Status
Summary of Current Status

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