Isuzu Mid-term Business Plan (April 2005 - March 2008)

Statements contained in these documents, except for historical or current facts, are based on certain assumptions and our management's judgment in light of currently available information. Therefore, these statements may be susceptible to various factors, such as uncertainty contained in the assumptions and management's judgment and economic changes in the future, which may cause to bring about different results in Isuzu's future earnings and operating results.

Insider Restriction
Information included in these documents contain Material Information as defined in Article 166 of Securities and Exchange Law of Japan. Any person who received such Material Information will be so-called the first class information recipient concerning insider trading restrictions.
Please be advised that the said information recipient is prohibited from any sale, purchase or other transactions of stocks, securities or other instruments issued by Isuzu prior to the Release as provided in Article 166 of the Securities and Exchange Law.
Furthermore, according to Article 30 of the Cabinet Order for Enforcement of the Securities and Exchange Law, the said Release becomes effective upon 12 hours has passed after Isuzu discloses such Material Information to the press or other media.
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