TY (TY30)


In the mid 60’s, heavy-duty trucks were banned from the urban area due to a traffic chaos. It positively boosted the demand on 4-ton trucks, and ISUZU launched TY trucks, the first generation FORWARD.

Its semi-cab-over type, unique and dynamic design, allowed even front and rear weight distribution by shifting the front wheel forward.

It was the Japan’s first truck equipped with a window on the lower portion of the side door in order to increase the driver’s visibility.


Engine model D370
Type 6-cylinder, water-cooled, in-line
Displacement 3,664 cc
Maximum output 100 PS (74 kW)
Fuel Diesel fuel
Overal length 6,275 mm
Overal width 2,190 mm
Overall height 2,340 mm
Wheelbase 3,650 mm
Complete vehicle curb weight 3,035 kg
Maximum load 4,000 kg
Riding capacity 3 people


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