ASKA Model JJ510


The FF car was developed as a successor of FLORIAN and part of the "J-Car" series among GM’s World Cars.

The world’s first power steering with 3-speed velocity-sensitive steering adjustment allowed the driver to choose the best steering force depending on the vehicle speed and road condition. The automatic vehicle height control system kept the car in a stable posture.

The independent rear compound-crank suspension incorporated mini-block coil springs with a non-linear spring constant, meaning that the wire diameters and coil diameters varied between the top and bottom of the springs. As it contracted, the upper part of a tightly wound coil slid into the swollen coil, making it possible to assist the independent suspension and provide more space for the trunk room.


Engine model 4FC1
Type Water-cooled inline 4-cylinder
Displacement 1,995 cc
Maximum output 66 PS (49 kW)
Fuel Diesel fuel
Full length 4,440 mm
Full width 1,600 mm
Overall height 1,375 mm
Wheelbase 2,580 mm
Complete vehicle curb weight 1,110 kg
Riding capacity 5 people


WRC Rally Class A winner (ASKA 2000 turbo LS)

1984 The 27th Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Best 10 New Product Award (NAVi-5)

Origin of a name

Japanese culture began to flourish in the Aska period when foreign cultures were transformed into Japanese culture by Japanese sensitivity and deftness. The name was therefore a good fit for an age of internationalization of the car industry.


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