FLORIAN 1600 Deluxe Model PA20


The semi-fastback family sedan was developed based on the design by Carrozzeria Ghia SpA, Italy, to represent gentleness in all aspects as opposed to the sports taste of the BELLETT.

The features included a spacious interior, calm and comfortable riding feel, and high performance with a maximum speed of 150km/h made possible by a light overall weight and high-powered engine. Thirty-seven safety features and full reclining bucket seats made the car safe and comfortable.


Engine model G161B
Type Water-cooled inline 4-cylinder
Displacement 1,584 cc
Maximum output 84 PS (62 kW)
Fuel Gasoline
Full length 4,250 mm
Full width 1,600 mm
Overall height 1,445 mm
Wheelbase 2,500 mm
Complete vehicle curb weight 945 kg
Riding capacity 5 people

Origin of a name

The name FLORIAN was taken from the famous white horse owned by an Austrian Emperor.


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