BELLETT 1800 Diesel Model KRD10


The light-duty van combined the elegant style, excellent driving feel and comfort of the BELLETT and the strong chassis of the commercial vehicle WASP.

The large front doors made it easy to get on or off the rear seat. Other new functions included the rear seat that was folded in one action and the upper glass in the back door that was electrically opened and closed.


Engine model C180
Type Water-cooled inline 4-cylinder
Displacement 1,764 cc
Maximum output 50 PS (37 kW)
Fuel Diesel fuel
Overal length 4,265 mm
Overal width 1,510 mm
Overall height 1,490 mm
Wheelbase 2,500 mm
Complete vehicle curb weight 1,200 kg
Maximum load 500 kg
Riding capacity 2 people


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