BELLETT 1800 Diesel Model PRD10


Motorization began in full force in 1963 when the first section of the Meishin Expressway went into operation. The BELLETT, a smaller passenger car developed independently after the BELLEL, came along as the successor of the Hillman.

In order to satisfy the varying preferences of motorists, the combination of the seats, transmission control and parking brake could be selected in whatever way the customers desired .
Excellent high-speed performance, steering stability and riding comfort were made possible by a low center of gravity and four-wheel independent suspension.

This diesel engine was an epoch-making small and high-speed engine for a passenger car at that time, and showed an excellence of the diesel engine technologies of Isuzu Motors.


Engine model C180
Type Water-cooled inline 4-cylinder
Displacement 1,764 cc
Maximum output 50 PS (37 kW)
Fuel Diesel fuel
Overall length 4,090 mm
Overall width 1,510 mm
Overall height 1,405 mm
Wheelbase 2,350 mm
Complete vehicle curb weight 990 kg
Riding capacity 5 people

Origin of a name

The vehicle was a sister car of the BELLEL and given the name BELLETT. BELLETT means small BELLEL.


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