Hillman Minx Hi-Style Model PH400


A mildly curving tailfin and large tail lamps that matched the tailfin were added to the rear fender to renew the appearance.

The Super Deluxe was equipped with Japan’s first commercially available automatic beam changer from high to low by detecting the light of the headlamps of an oncoming car. Other features that were far ahead of the time included a all transistor radio, a magnet antenna that extended out when the radio was turned on, washer switch interlocking wipers and two-speed wipers.


Engine model GH150
Type Water-cooled inline 4-cylinder
Displacement 1,494 cc
Maximum output 62 PS (46 kW)
Fuel Gasoline
Overall length 4,140 mm
Overall width 1,543 mm
Overall height 1,510 mm
Wheelbase 2,438 mm
Complete vehicle curb weight 1,065 kg
Riding capacity 6 people


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