October 6, 2023

Isuzu Significantly Improves its D-MAX Pickup Truck– A World Car with Five Million Units Produced in Total –

Isuzu Motors Limited (Head Office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President & COO: Shinsuke Minami; hereinafter “Isuzu”) announced its significantly improved one-ton pickup truck “Isuzu D-MAX” (hereinafter “D-MAX”) in Thailand on October 6. Isuzu begin sales from October 12 in Thailand and continue to roll out the vehicle gradually across the rest of the globe.

ISUZU D-MAX V-CROSS (for Thailand)

The D-MAX, which is now in its third generation, has been the go-to for drivers for its powerful design, responsive driving on rough terrain, and excellent fuel economy since its debut back in October 2019. This new significantly improved model aims to be a pickup truck that is better suited to the market by refining the popular interior and exterior designs and meeting the broad needs of drivers all over the world.

As a world car by Isuzu, the D-MAX is sold in over 100 countries and regions, including the likes of Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, and the Oceania region. The number of units sold globally in fiscal 2022 was approximately 340,000, with the D-MAX selling approximately 180,000 units (a 45% market share) in Thailand, which is one of the largest international markets for one-ton pickup trucks. In 1974, at Isuzu Motors Company (Thailand) Limited (IMCT), which acts as a model plant for Isuzu’s other plants, Isuzu began production of a pickup truck for the Thailand market. Isuzu’s pickup trucks have since been loved by drivers all around the world for roughly half a century, with the total number of pickup truck units produced at IMCT reaching five million*1.

Pickup trucks are tough, offer great handling on rough terrain, and have excellent user friendliness. For this reason, pickup trucks are used for both commercial and passenger use, and the global demand for them stands strong, recovering to pre-COVID (2019) levels in 2022 with approximately 2,160,000*2 units sold. Isuzu aims to further increase the D-MAX’s market share in each country with this new significantly improved model.

Isuzu President and COO Shinsuke Minami, who attended the unveiling event in Bangkok, Thailand today, said the following:
“Isuzu is actively taking efforts to realize a carbon-neutral society. Going forward, Isuzu plans to produce a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) pickup truck in Thailand. Isuzu will first introduce it in Europe and then examine its gradual roll out by meeting the needs of each market, including Thailand. Expectations of Thailand, Isuzu’s largest market for its pickup trucks, will remain steady in the years to come. To continue to contribute to the people of Thailand, I want us to create ‘Transport’ together and for Isuzu to remain a company that captures hearts and endures for eternity.”

The main new product improvements are as follows.

  1. 1Exterior Design
  2. The main improvement is a revamped front and rear design, expressing ‘Strong & Aggressive,’ ‘Sporty’, and ‘Futuristic & Digital,’ which are the concepts behind the new model. The power of the front has been emphasized by adding a power bulge to the engine hood and making the front grille higher and wider. The headlamps have a modern and sporty appearance by positioning the daytime running light (DRL) in the upper part of the headlamps and adding three character lamps*3. The rear is emphasized by making the tail light design a three-level L-shaped motif*3 using LED tube lights, and the width of the vehicle is presented as if it is a bird spreading its wings. The aerodynamic performance has been improved and functional aesthetics have been strived for by newly installing an air curtain on the left and right of the front bumper and making the spoiler on the top part of the tailgate larger.

    Front design sketch
    <Front design sketch>
    Rear design sketch
    <Rear design sketch>
  3. 2Interior Design
  4. The concept is “Strong & Supple” and “High-Class & Sophisticated.” For the instrument panel center cluster, a new U-shape is used to emphasize the powerful aesthetic and give it a consistent look with the infotainment display. The infotainment display offers greater user-friendliness thanks to the addition of a dial switch. For the instrument panel garnish and door insert and seat materials, a design*3 that has a signature miura fold pattern has been incorporated, giving a modern and luxury feel. For the TFT display*3 within the dashboard gauge that has been expanded to seven inches and the infotainment display, Isuzu’s unique Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been used, improving the user-friendliness and visibility of the touch screen and creating a sophisticated, high-quality feel.

    <Drivers seat & Dashboard>
    <Infotainment display & Speed meter panel>
  5. 3Adding New Features to Advanced Safety Equipment
  6. A next-generation stereo camera has been newly installed and features for the advanced safety equipment have been added. The main new features are that the camera detects oncoming crossing pedestrians when there is an object at an intersection, triggering the brake to engage*3 automatically if it is judged to be a dangerous situation. Even when reversing from head-on parking, the rear radars also detect if a vehicle approaches from behind, causing the brake to engage*3 automatically if the situation is dangerous. A heating element has been added around the camera lens so that when the outside temperature is low, the heating element will warm up automatically to prevent the risk of the advanced safety equipment not operating due to clouding of the front glass around the camera lens.
    The new model also offers greater convenience, with a feature that assists in following the vehicle in front during congestion and adaptive cruise control for the manual transmission model.

  7. 4Improved 4×4 Driving Performance
  8. In situations where a wheel loses contact with the ground, resulting in a loss of driving power, by expanding the traction control area when the rear differential lock is activated, it enables brake intervention of the raised tire and power distribution to the remaining tires, improving the vehicle’s ability to gain traction on rough terrain.
    A rough terrain mode has been newly added, making optimal braking and engine control possible when driving on rough terrain. To ensure optimal tire rpm and achieve excellent off-road driving performance, the vehicle precisely controls engine output and brake application. Therefore, simply operating the accelerator ensures reliable traction when setting off or accelerating on rough terrain.

    Specifications of V-CROSS for Thailand (Crew Cab 4x4 AT)

    Total length(mm) 5,305
    Total width(mm) 1,880
    Total height including roof rail (mm) 1,810
    Wheelbase (mm) 3,125
    Tread (front/rear)(mm) 1,570
    Minimum turning radius   6.1
    Tires 265/60R18
    Engine (4JJ3)(cc) 2,999
    Max Power(kW/rpm) 140/3,600
    Max Torque(Nm/rpm) 450/1,600-2,600
    Transmission 6AT
    Empty Weight(kg) 2,035
    CO2 emissions (g) 186

    Main Lineup

    Regular Cab
    Regular Cab
    Space Cab
    Space Cab
    Crew Cab
    Crew Cab
    1. *1As of the end of September 2023. Includes the KB and TF models, which were the predecessors to the D-MAX, as well as OEM vehicles.
    2. *2The figure for regions where Isuzu one-ton pickup trucks are sold (excluding the US, Canada, and Japan) (according to research by Isuzu).
    3. *3Installed on the high-end grade model.

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