September 27, 2023

Isuzu and UD Trucks to exhibit at Japan Mobility Show 2023 - First joint exhibition between two brands, showcasing the future through transport -

Isuzu Motors Limited
UD Trucks Corporation

Isuzu Motors Limited (headquartered in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan; President and COO: Shinsuke Minami; hereinafter Isuzu) and UD Trucks Corporation (headquartered in Ageo, Saitama, Japan; President: Kouji Maruyama; hereinafter UD Trucks) will hold a joint exhibit at Japan Mobility Show 2023 from Saturday, October 28 to Sunday, November 5 (general public days), at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo, Japan). This is the first joint exhibition between the two brands, and together will provide a glimpse of an exciting future through transport as envisioned by the Isuzu Group.

Layout of the joint booth

The theme of the booth is “INNOVATION FOR YOU - Accelerate the Future of Transport”, emphasizing the Group’s vision of a mobility society in the future. The booth consists of a Future Tunnel, and Future Cube, at the center, with the former drawing visitors into another world, and the latter exuding a sense of wonder at what the future holds. View Point, the display area on the left, and Warehouse, the display area on the right, extend from the flanks of the tunnel’s exit to the left and right, respectively. View Point, envisions the sustainable city of the future; and Warehouse, the future of logistics. In addition, the products and solutions on display by Isuzu and UD Trucks will highlight the integration of transport and innovation, and be grouped into the three categories of INNOVATION FOR EARTH, INNOVATION FOR SOCIETY, and INNOVATION FOR LIFE.


In order to realize a more prosperous and sustainable society, the Isuzu Group is working to eliminate the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) throughout the entire lifecycle of its products as well as direct GHG emissions from its business operations by 2050. The Group believes environmentally responsible transport can drive both economic growth and preservation of the environment. The Group is developing and offering products and solutions that contribute to a carbon neutral (CN) world in a holistic manner, allowing fleet managers and drivers alike to choose the best vehicle to meet an array of social, economic, and environmental needs as electrification and other environmental technologies gain traction.

CN Solutions
The carbon neutral world envisioned by the Isuzu Group is supported in four ways: (1) Isuzu Environmental Vision 2050; (2) CN initiatives at the Group’s manufacturing plants; (3) The society of tomorrow and CN vehicle initiatives; and (4) Initiatives for CN fuels. The booth will incorporate animation and touch screens to immerse visitors in the Isuzu Group’s CN efforts of today and tomorrow. This includes state-of-the-art plant equipment, and remanufacturing technologies that restore used vehicles; CN vehicle performance verification results in collaboration with third parties; the development, introduction, and operation of battery electric vehicles (BEV); and R&D in fuel cell-powered electric vehicles (FCEV).

This fuel cell (FC) powered heavy-duty truck will be shown to the public for the first time. The vehicle has been jointly developed by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda) and Isuzu, pooling their respective technologies and expertise since entering a joint research agreement in January 2020. Isuzu provided the GIGA heavy-duty truck, and Honda, the FC system for GIGA’s powertrain. Both companies believe that FC technologies fueled by hydrogen, which produce zero CO2 emissions, are ideal for trucks that are designed to carry heavy loads over long distances and long hours of operation. Isuzu is working to bring a production model to market in 2027, with vehicle testing on public roads taking place during this fiscal year. This clean heavy-duty FC truck, which also minimizes noise and vibration, will accelerate the pace towards a carbon neutral society.


The ELF EV is Isuzu’s first mass-produced BEV, joining the lineup in conjunction with the light-duty ELF (N-Series in some markets) full model change. Sharing the same platform with the core line up of diesel vehicles, the ELF EV comes in a wide range of model variations and offers numerous configurations. It enables customers to start using BEVs without sacrificing the convenience of diesel vehicles. Isuzu plans to introduce the ELF EV to markets outside Japan in stages, offering a wide variety of options to meet the needs of customers around the world. More than 60 years have passed since the launch of the first-generation ELF, and this latest truck represents the first step towards a new future of transport and the Group’s goal of realizing a carbon neutral society.


Also in conjunction with the launch of the ELF EV, Isuzu began offering EVision, a total solution program that helps customers achieve carbon neutrality through (1) supporting the initial feasibility phase of commercial BEV introduction; (2) addressing issues related to EV introduction; (3) quantifying CO2 emission reduction benefits; and (4) proposing further improvements. Based on the customer’s current operations, this program simulates the feasibility of introducing BEVs, along with the selection and management of chargers, electricity plans, CO2 reduction levels, and more. In addition to proposing optimal BEV operations for the customer, the program supports the planning of carbon neutrality strategies that go beyond the scope of the vehicles themselves.


Logistics is the lifeblood of society and the social infrastructure that we all depend on. However, today drivers are facing long working hours due to the increasing volume of deliveries driven by the growth in e-commerce and a shortage of truck drivers stemming from an aging population and the revision of the license system in Japan. While workstyle reform legislation beginning in April 2024 is expected to improve the working conditions of drivers by limiting overtime hours, there are concerns that it will cause an acute shortage of drivers and result in shipment delays.
As a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles, the Isuzu Group will continue to proactively address challenges facing the logistics industry that are embodied by the upcoming legislation. The Group is committed to supporting the people who keep logistics and society moving, while helping advance good business practices, by providing innovative vehicles and services that incorporate autonomous and advanced safety technologies.

Ensuring non-stop operations for customers is paramount. The Isuzu Group is committed to accelerating the future of transport to move society forward.


Coming soon to the new ELF series is the ELFmio, a light-duty truck that can be driven with a standard Japanese driver’s license. It represents one of the ways that Isuzu is working to broaden the potential pool of drivers in response to chronic driver shortages in Japan brought on by an aging workforce. The ELFmio boasts the most comfortable cabin in its class, with a specious interior even for tall drivers. It also has a small turning radius that promises great maneuverability. In sum, it is a truck that drives like a passenger car - easy to handle for any driver, regardless of experience or age.

Quon GW 6×4

Flagship model that redefines the standard for hauling heavy loads, the heavy-duty Quon GW 6x4 is powerful yet fuel-efficient. Excellent performance is provided by the next-generation 12-speed electronically controlled ESCOT-VII automatic transmission and UD Active Steering for precise and stable steering. Superior braking power provided by disc brakes, is unique among Japanese truck manufacturers. Comfortable and roomy, drivers can take pride in a truck that puts people and cargo first.

Quester GWE 6×4

The heavy-duty Quester GWE 6x4 is designed exclusively for emerging markets, complying with Euro 5 emission regulations set by the European Union (EU). Equipped with the UD Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, the truck reduces harmful pollutants that are produced during combustion, helping address pollution concerns facing growing economies around the world. Ten years have passed since the Quester was launched and it is currently supporting transport in about 50 countries.

Autonomous Driving Technologies (Exhibit Vehicle: Fujin)
Isuzu Group has been developing autonomous driving technology to help address the shortage of commercial vehicle drivers and improve road safety. Autonomous driving technology will continue to evolve, ushering in a world where buses operate on specific routes and trucks run along pre-determined points within worksites. "Fujin" is a test vehicle that opens up a new world in which people and vehicles work together. It is but one example of the Isuzu Group's autonomous driving initiatives.
Advanced Safety Technologies
Trucks and buses are large in size and heavy, and in the event of an accident have a greater chance of causing more damage than a conventional passenger vehicle. The Isuzu Group is developing technologies that target zero traffic fatalities in all stages of operation, including prior to and during a collision. Cutting-edge safety technologies will be introduced, including Active Safety (Preventive Safety) that reduces the burden on drivers and prevents accidents, and Passive Safety (Collision Safety) that ensures the safety of occupants and pedestrians in the event of an accident.


People and goods are constantly on the move and realizing safe, comfortable, convenient and human-centric transport plays a part of creating a more prosperous and just society. The Isuzu Group is committed to creating a better life with better transport through innovation.

At the Japan Mobility Show, the Isuzu Group will unveil two new prototypes which have been developed with an eye toward the future.

TBA (1)
The world premiere is planned for the Japan Mobility Show.
TBA (2)
The world premiere is planned for the Japan Mobility Show.

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Japan Mobility Show 2023
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association
Saturday, October 28 to Sunday, November 5, 2023 (General Public Days)
Tokyo Big Sight
Booth No.:
East Hall 1 EC01
<List of Isuzu and UD Trucks’ Exhibits>
No. Exhibit Comments
1 CN Solutions  
2 GIGA FUEL CELL Exhibit vehicle, prototype
3 ELF EV Exhibit vehicle
4 EVision  
5 ELFmio Exhibit vehicle, prototype
6 Quon GW 6×4 Exhibit vehicle
7 Quester GWE 6×4 Exhibit vehicle
8 Autonomous Driving Technologies Exhibit vehicle; Fujin, prototype
9 Advanced Safety Technologies  
10 TBA Exhibit vehicle, world premiere, prototype
11 TBA Solution display, world premiere, prototype

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