May 13, 2021

Mid-Term Business Plan 2024 Announcement (FY2022 - FY2024)

Isuzu Motors Limited (headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo; Masanori Katayama, President and Representative Director; hereinafter Isuzu) announced a new mid-term business plan (BP) for growth towards FY2024 and beyond.

As we face accelerated trends towards carbon neutrality and increased social expectations for uninterrupted logistics infrastructure, Isuzu will pursue carbon neutral strategy and contribution to logistics evolution as our axes of innovation to respond to societal issues. In order to support these initiatives, we will aim to expand current businesses and improve their profitability while leveraging collaborative synergies from business foundation and various alliances which we have developed.

We will enhance our management from ESG perspectives in order to evolve ourselves to be accepted by the society, survive and become a sustainable company through this age of profound transformation.

Mid-Term Business Plan 2024 Financial targets
Consolidated net sales 2.75 trillion yen (FY 2024 ending Mar. 2024)
Consolidated operating income 250 billion yen (FY 2024 ending Mar. 2024)
ROE 12.5% (FY 2024 ending Mar. 2024)
Payout ratio 40% (Average during the mid-term BP period)

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