December 9, 2020

Isuzu received highest rating from CDP's research -Selected as an A List company in the climate change category-

Isuzu Motors Limited (headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo; Masanori Katayama, President and Representative Director; hereinafter Isuzu) was selected for the A List, the highest rating, in the survey conducted by CDP*, a non-profit organization influential in the field of the global environment. CDP looked at more than 5,800 companies, focusing on how they deal with the challenges of climate change. The climate change A List includes 270 companies, of which 53 are Japanese.
This is the first time for Isuzu to have been recognized as an A List company.

CDP's environmental information disclosure and evaluation process are widely acknowledged as global standards in the area of corporate environmental information disclosure. In 2020, CDP represented about 515 institutional investors controlling a total of US$106 trillion. Over 9,600 companies around the world disclosed environmental data through CDP's platform.

Isuzu made it to CDP's A List because we believe that our earnest efforts to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the entire product lifecycle from vehicle production to scrapping were highly evaluated by CDP. Isuzu has sent a clear message to the world that it strives to design and develop a wide range of products such as EV trucks, heavy-duty FC trucks, and the like with the aim to achieve a carbon-free society. Isuzu also managed to reduce CO2 emissions from manufacturing processes through diligent energy saving and process improvement efforts, and this resulted in a significant reduction of GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions.

Aiming for a prosperous and sustainable society to continue until 2050 and beyond, we formulated the Isuzu Environmental Vision 2050 which defines the environmental goals of the Isuzu Group as a whole, and published in March this year. Isuzu will continue to support transportation and the transition to a safe, decarbonized society together with customers and partners, while striving to support people's life and social production activities as a CV/LCV and Powertrain excellent company.

  • *CDP is a global non-profit which requests companies and governments to disclose their initiatives to address climate change, safeguard water resources and protect forests on behalf of environmentally-minded institutional investors and major purchasers, and also motivates them to manage their environmental impacts through the process. At present, CDP's disclosure platform is one of the most valuable sources of information on the global environment. For more information, please click following link:
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