August 31, 2020

The release of Isuzu CSR Report 2020

Isuzu Motors Limited (headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo; Masanori Katayama, President and Representative Director; hereinafter "Isuzu") today announced the release of the CSR Report 2020, which details the progress made against the Isuzu Group's CSR goals.

We publish the CSR report to inform all stakeholders about the Isuzu Group's corporate social responsibility initiatives. We position the CSR report as an effective communication tool, aiming that our group CSR activities grow further to fulfill even higher expectations of the society.

To promote more transparency in the disclosure of information and more clearly present a relationship between Isuzu's core business and its CSR activity, we divided the CSR report 2020 into two parts. Part 1 reports the progress we have made on the key CSR issues (materiality) in order to illustrate how we view CSR and identify issues that need to be addressed for future success, in addition to reporting a "Value Creation Story" which describes how Isuzu is going to create the value for all stakeholders through its entire corporate activities. Part 2 reports a summary of initiatives undertaken for each CSR category during the 2019 fiscal year.

Click below for the link to Isuzu's CSR Report 2020.

Overview of the CSR Report 2020

[Message from the President]

  • The president talks about the ongoing CSR activities initiated by the Isuzu Group.

[Company profile/Isuzu's CSR initiative]

  • The parts outline the company profile and CSR initiatives of Isuzu.

[Part 1]

  • Executive members hold a roundtable to discuss the Value Creation Story and key CSR issues.

[Part 2]

  • The CSR activities are divided into six categories: environment, product quality, respect for employees, supply chain management, community and social contributions and corporate governance. Part 2 describes each category in terms of its action plan, implementing measures and results achieved in the past fiscal year.

[Third-party opinion]

  • Mr. Keisuke Takegahara of the Development Bank of Japan kindly provides a third party opinion.
  • *Please note that we issue the CSR report only in PDF format since 2017.
CSR Report 2020
CSR Report 2020

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