May, 2020

FY2019 Monozukuri Hands-on Workshop Activities Results

Contributions to Local Communities and Society

Since 2014, Isuzu has been holding Isuzu Monozukuri Workshops, in which employees involved with production and development come up with workshop classes where participants can experience the joy and value of "monozukuri" (craftsmanship).
In 2019, we held workshops at the Isuzu Plaza and in Fujisawa City, which were attended by 420 participants, consisting of families with children.
All participants actively engaged in the five different detailed programs on offer, in which they created works filled with personality.

Casting Class

In this workshop, participants used the casting technology employed in creating engine parts and household goods to create tin versions of their favorite Isuzu characters (Giga-kun, Elf-kun, Elga-chan). This was a popular workshop in which children and adults alike had fun experiencing the casting process.

Design Class

Isuzu designers gave children advice as they drew designs of original papercraft versions of Elf (N series) trucks and assembled them.
Children and their parents had fun "driving" the completed trucks at the test course, which was so popular that waiting lines formed.

Plastic Class

In this workshop, participants created Isuzu character soap using plastic molds, as well as sculpted out Isuzu character wall ornaments that were drawn on sheets of plastic.
The participants added color and scents to the soap, and the wall ornaments were made colorful with stickers and masking tape.
These workshops were very popular with elementary and middle school children, and the method for creating these two different items takes advantage of the prototyping technology used in manufacturing cars.

Wreath Class

In this workshop, participants created Christmas wreaths using vines and berries collected near Isuzu's Tochigi and Fujisawa plants.
This is a new program which makes use of natural materials, and it was implemented through various departments within the company working together.
The workshop was particularly popular with females, and children and adults alike had fun making wreaths with colorful decorations.

Clay Modeling Class

This is a new program aimed at kindergarten and elementary school children. Participants use a special kind of clay, which is the same as that used in work to design and shape trucks.
After heating the clay in a special oven, the children use spatulas or their hands to shape it and create whatever they can image.
This is an exciting workshop that fosters children's creativity.

We plan to continue holding Isuzu Monozukuri Workshops that can be enjoyed by a large number of people.

[2019 Activities Results]
Date Description Venue Number of participants
July 23, 2019 Casting Class Isuzu Plaza 44
July 24, 2019 Plastic Class Isuzu Plaza 16
July 25, 2019 Design Class Isuzu Plaza 32
July 26, 2019 Plastic Class Isuzu Plaza 41
July 30, 2019 Plastic Class Endo Community Center, Fujisawa City 28
August 7, 2019 Design Class Isuzu Plaza 43
August 8, 2019 Casting Class Isuzu Plaza 44
September 23, 2019 Clay Modeling Class Isuzu Plaza 52
November 9, 2019 Plastic Class Isuzu Plaza 32
December 21, 2019 Wreath Class Isuzu Plaza 64
February 16, 2020 Clay Modeling Class Shonandai Cultural Center, Fujisawa City 24
Participants listen intently to the explanation of how sand molds are made.(Casting Class)
Putting in a strong effort in both design and assembly.(Design Class)
Participants used plastic to create colorful soap and wall ornaments.(Plastic Class)
Making beautiful Christmas wreaths using natural materials.(Wreath Class)
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