March 2, 2020

Isuzu Announces Formulation of Isuzu Environmental Vision 2050

Isuzu Motors Limited (headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo; President and Representative Director Masanori Katayama; hereinafter "Isuzu") has formulated Isuzu Environmental Vision 2050 as a roadmap for addressing global environmental issues over the long term and securing a prosperous and sustainable society by the year 2050.

The Isuzu Group sees humanity as standing at an important crossroads. As climate change and other environmental problems deepen by the year, we recognize the need for sustained efforts to minimize our impact on the global environment. Isuzu Environmental Vision 2050 expresses our commitment to working as one team and with our stakeholders to advance environmental actions over the long run and to undertake new challenges toward building a sustainable society.

Isuzu Environmental Vision 2050 is aligned with our business objective of maintaining leadership in transportation in the long term. To support the creation of a decarbonized society with our customers and business partners, we will first realize our Midterm Business Plan announced in May 2018 by supporting people’s life and social production activities as a CV/LCV and Powertrain excellent company.

About Isuzu Environmental Vision 2050

We positioned global environmental issues as a key business priority in our Midterm Business Plan. In 2018, we amended the Global Environmental Charter of the Isuzu Group to set a new course for our environmental initiatives and also conducted a materiality assessment to identify our environmental priorities.

In the process of implementing new environmental initiatives, we decided that the sustainable growth of the Isuzu Group requires a longer-term approach to global environmental conservation. Isuzu Environmental Vision 2050 is rooted in this understanding and summarizes our conservation goals and the various actions we will take to achieve them.

Isuzu Environmental Vision 2050

Summary of Isuzu Environmental Vision 2050

  • Future course for Isuzu

    Through developing products and advancing business practices that promote decarbonization, and reducing environmental impacts across entire product life-cycles, Isuzu will contribute to economic development and a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly society.

  • Action

    The Isuzu Group will work as one team and in partnership with stakeholders to drive actions on our four material issues related to the environment: Climate Change, Resource Recycling, Environmental Risk Management, and Biodiversity Conservation.

  • Climate change: Pursue decarbonization by minimizing emissions of greenhouse gases
    • We will aim for zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions* across the entire life-cycle of Isuzu Group products by 2050.
    • We will aim for zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions* arising directly from Isuzu Group operations by 2050.
      • *Zero greenhouse gas emissions: Net zero balance of emissions and sequestration
  • Resource recycling: Pursue a circular economy by minimizing resource use and maximizing resource efficiency
    • We will achieve 100% recycling of waste and end-of-use vehicles generated by Isuzu Group operations by 2050.
  • Environmental risk management: Minimize environmental risks through rigorous preventive and responsive actions
    • We will pursue safe, reliable operations and products across the entire Isuzu Group value chain.
  • Biodiversity conservation: Harmonize with nature by promoting biodiversity conservation
    • We will conserve native biodiversity in the areas surrounding Isuzu Group operations in partnership with NGOs and other stakeholders.

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Isuzu Environmental Vision 2050

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