January, 2020

"Christmas wreaths" using vines and nuts collected from Tochigi and Fujisawa plants

Contributions to Local Communities and Society

Following on from last year, on December 21, just before Christmas, a workshop was held at Isuzu Plaza to make wreaths using vines and nuts collected at the Tochigi and Fujisawa Plants, with about 70 parents and children participating. The activity is aimed at creating opportunities for people to think about the environment while enjoying making things through reuse of the trees on plant premises.

When an employee disguised as Santa Claus explained that we gathered vines made from arrowroot that lived on the Tochigi Plant premises as well as acorns and pine cones from Fujisawa Plant to use as the materials for the wreaths, the participating children listened eagerly.

Colorful decorations such as the ribbons and stickers prepared at the workshop, as well as ELF, GIGA and ERGA character ornaments produced by Prototype Department were very popular, and everybody who participated was able to enjoy making their own wreath.

Through such workshops, which are realized with the ideas and cooperation of various departments internally, we are planning to have lots of people who visit Isuzu Plaza experience the "fun of manufacturing" in the future too.

Santa explaining the natural materials collected from Tochigi and Fujisawa plants
Choosing favorite wreaths and nuts
Commemorative photos with Santa
Wreaths were produced very well
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