January, 2020

Christmas event held at the Isuzu Plaza

Contributions to Local Communities and Society

We held a Christmas event aimed at having residents and families with young children in neighboring areas enjoy the holidays at Isuzu Plaza.

During the period from December 14 to 27, there were many winter workshops to make things like wool felt brooches, Christmas wreaths and Christmas luncheon mats. The children worked eagerly.

On December 21 (Saturday), a "Christmas mini concert" was held by members of the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra. The set list for the three performances a day had seven songs including "Silent Night." The last number was the customary "Isuzu Trucks." The pleasant harmony of the harp and flute echoed throughout the building, and the building with its Christmas mood saw great excitement among the families with children.

The number of visitors during the period exceeded 2,700 people, with both the children and everybody across a wide range of ages enjoying themselves.

Commemorative photos with Hakobuu Santa
Making truck brooches with wool felt
Mini concert by the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
Everybody inside the building was excited by the Christmas mood
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