January, 2020

”Introduction to Isuzu jobs” held at Shinagawa Gakuen

Contributions to Local Communities and Society

We implemented "Introduction to Isuzu jobs" at Shinagawa Gakuen*1 in Shinagawa Ward over two days on December 2 and December 7.

This effort was carried out as part of Shinagawa Ward's "Shinagawa Dream Jobs" aimed at having pupils become interested in occupations, thinking about their own futures and learning methods to realize their dreams by listening to talks by people from companies and regions working successfully in various fields.

The subjects were 132 pupils in the first year of junior high school (grade 7), with an "Overview introduction to Isuzu Motors" on the first day, and explanations of their respective jobs by four young employees from three departments representing Isuzu on the second day.

The departments introduced were Overseas Sales Department, Chassis Design Department, and Vehicle Manufacturing Department (Maintenance Section), and the pupils showed interest with serious expressions when the employees comprehensibly explained their job roles and workplaces using creative materials.

This was the second time doing this activity and there were Q&A not only from the pupils but also from the teachers so the young employees who took the podium felt a strong response.

We will continue efforts to foster the pupil's future dreams by making them feel closer to "company and the employees who work there", which are usually less accessible.

  1. *1A new school type based on the School Education Act revised in June 2015, within the elementary and junior high school system known as "compulsory education schools." The six years corresponding to the elementary school stage are classified as the first term and the three years corresponding to the junior high school stage are classified as the second term.
The fact that many hands were raised is proof that everybody was listening seriously to the lecture.
Thinking about how we can solve social problems for the future.
Experiencing the weight of the work belts worn in the Maintenance Section workplace
Q&A session.
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