November, 2019

First Clay Modeling Class Held at Isuzu Plaza

Contributions to Local Communities and Society

On September 23, the first Clay Modeling Class was held at Isuzu Plaza.

There were more applications than capacity allowed for the morning and afternoon sessions for kindergarten and elementary school children, in which 52 children created many unique works by themselves using special clay.

The clay used was the same as that used in actual work to design and shape trucks. Once the children received the soft clay, which had been heated in a special oven, they skillfully used a variety of spatulas to work with it until the very last minute of the class.

We will continue to provide exciting and fulfilling classes by adding to the lineup of regular Manufacturing Experience Workshop events with new items that foster children's creativity.

Sculpting clay using a real modeling tool.
Works that make use of the three-dimensional feel unique to clay models
The children produced some unique works.
Children posed for the photo with their work proudly in hand.
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