November, 2019

Graduation Ceremony Held at Vocational School for Auto Mechanics in the Philippines (ISUZU HEART & SMILE PROJECT)

Contributions to Local Communities and Society

Since November 2008, Isuzu has conducted an educational program focused on disadvantaged children at a vocational school for auto mechanics under the Philippine Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA *1) in Tacloban City on the island of Leyte, the Philippines.

On August 28, the graduation ceremony for Class 16 students, the closing ceremony for current students, and the entrance ceremony for Class 18 students were held. All 18 graduates received NC4 qualification, the highest auto mechanic qualification in the country, and will be employed by Isuzu Global Service Corporation (IGSC), Isuzu dealers, and other such businesses.

Many of the graduates of this vocational school for auto mechanics are active in dealerships in the Philippines and overseas, and the number of graduates finding employment in Japan is increasing. In November 2019, six new graduates will start working at dealerships in Tokyo and Osaka. The graduates are recognized for their high technical ability, with two I-1 Grand Prix *2 victories under their belts, and they are scheduled to participate in this year's event as well.

At the ceremony, Mr. Ookubo, Executive Officer, offered words of encouragement to the graduates, saying "I hope that you succeed in your work and realize your dreams." In addition, an inventory of engines donated through the support of the Thai unit was presented to the school.

Including Class 16, the total number of graduates to date is now 284.

  1. *1TESDA: Technical Education and Skills Development Authority
  2. *2I-1 Grand Prix: The Isuzu World Service Technical Competition. In this competition, Isuzu's most talented service staff and mechanics gather from countries and regions all over the world to improve the service level in each country by competing against each other's knowledge and technical abilities in country and regional tournaments to find the World No.1.
Class 16 students celebrating graduation.
Engine donated through support from the Thai unit.
The graduates were given a farewell speech.
The matching T-shirts were purchased with voluntary donations from Isuzu employees.
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