October, 2019

Isuzu Engineering Co. Holds "We Love Trucks" Activity

Contributions to Local Communities and Society

With the goal of encouraging interest in Isuzu's trucks, Isuzu Engineering Co., Ltd. (Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture) held an activity by volunteers called "We Love Trucks" at the Isuzu Plaza for children from the local community surrounding the Fujisawa Plant.
This marks the fourth year that these activities have been held.

23 schoolchildren from Fujisawa City Chogo Elementary School and Fujisawa City Fujimidai Elementary School visited the plaza on August 22, during their summer vacation.

During the event, the children used handmade maps to learn about the relationship between Isuzu and the area in an exercise themed "Did you know? The big truck factory nearby," and they also assembled and designed papercraft trucks, which they then had the opportunity to take for a test run on a course.

There was also a new part of the program this year, in which we revealed a picture-drawing song about Iezo, the mascot character for "We Love Trucks", and the children had fun drawing along with the music.

During the afternoon tour of the Isuzu Plaza, the children enjoyed a number of opportunities that they would not normally be able to experience, such as sitting in the driver's seat of a real truck, or pressing the stop button on a bus whenever they wanted to. The plaza-original diorama and driving simulator corner were also very popular with the children.

We plan to continue our activities to familiarize the local community with Isuzu's trucks.

Handmade map of the area surrounding the Fujisawa Plant.
Making papercraft trucks.
Iezo's picture-drawing song.
"ISUZU" written in some powerful letters!
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