October, 2019

"Job Introduction of female engineers and Soap-Making Workshop" Held at Isuzu Plaza

Contributions to Local Communities and Society

On July 24, "Job Introduction of female engineers and Soap-Making Workshop" for Elementary School Girls event to learn about the activities of female engineer working in Isuzu was held at Isuzu Plaza.

In the first half, there was a company explanation and job introduction from a female engineer from the Vehicle Manufacturing Engineering Dept and the participants listened to the explanation with a serious expression.

In the second half of the workshop, the employees of the Prototype Dept. became instructors, and the participants made soap, choosing their favorite fragrances and colors and pouring the mix into plastic molds created by employees from the Prototype Dept.

The participants were making the colorful and charming soap with a sense unique to girls.

Although this was our first trial, it was great opportunity to learn about work at Isuzu, ranging from subjects such as the activities of female engineers at Isuzu to about the work done in the Prototype Dept.

The female engineer introduces her job in coating.
The schoolchildren had a lot of questions about Isuzu.
Decorating the boxes for the soap.
Taking a photo to commemorate the soap workshop.
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