October, 2019

Summer Research Project Classrooms Held at Isuzu Plaza

Contributions to Local Communities and Society

At the Isuzu Plaza, we held "DeuSEL® Special Class" and "Dispatching of Guest Lectures from Yakult: Lectures on intestinal health" workshops for elementary school children and their parents, based on the theme of providing summer research project classrooms.

DeuSEL® Special Class Held at Isuzu Plaza

Isuzu has been carrying out joint research with its project partner euglena Co., Ltd. into DeuSEL® (diesel fuel made using euglena) since 2013.

Since 2015, Isuzu's DeuSEL® Special Class has been visiting elementary school classrooms, targeting students in year 5, to teach them about our activities and the significance of our research, and to raise awareness of environmental issues.

The special classes held at Isuzu Plaza were the first time this event took place outside of a school, with the goals of introducing more people to the DeuSEL® project, providing families with an opportunity to talk about environmental issues, and serving as an opportunity to provide schoolchildren with a research project for the summer vacation. The classrooms took place on two days, July 20 and July 27, with a total of 106 visitors attending.

In addition to lectures, the classes included hands-on learning, such as observing euglena under a microscope and going for a test ride on a bus powered by DeuSEL® fuel, providing attendees with the chance to familiarize themselves with Isuzu's environmental initiatives.

Our feedback from the visitors included comments such as "I learned that Isuzu is taking a variety of measures to help protect the environment."

Scene from the DeuSEL® Special Class.
Children eagerly taking notes.
Observing the movements of euglena under microscopes.
Test ride on the DeuSEL® bus.

"Dispatching of Guest Lectures from Yakult: Lectures on intestinal health", a Collaboration Between Isuzu and the Yakult Group, Held at Isuzu Plaza

On August 3, in cooperation with Yakult Shonan Sales Co., Ltd (Fujisawa City) and the Shonan Cosmetics Factory of Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd., "Lectures on intestinal health"*1 was held at the Isuzu Plaza for elementary school children and their parents, with the goal of teaching healthy dietary and lifestyle habits for spending one's days in good health.
There were two sessions, a morning session and afternoon session, with over 100 visitors consisting of parents and children attending.

On the day of the event, Yakult staff explained the functions and importance of the bowel in an easy-to-understand manner, introduced lifestyle habits for producing healthy bowel movements, and held "Exercises on intestinal health" and tasting events for those who wanted to try Yakult. There was also a skin consultation corner set up for parents and other attractions, providing the event with a truly packed lineup.

Our feedback from the attendees included comments such as "In addition to learning about Working Vehicles, I learned about health too" and "I learned about how important it is 'early to bed, early to rise, and a morning bowel movement'"

Isuzu will continue to promote community and social contribution activities in cooperation with other companies that implement CSR activities in neighboring communities, with the aim of benefiting even more people.

  1. *1Part of the lineup of the Intestinal Health Project carried out by the Yakult Group. It is based on the idea of "a healthy intestinal tract leads to a long life."
The line of people queuing to join the "Dispatching of Guest Lecture"
Scene from the "Lecture on intestinal health."
Exercises on intestinal health led by Yakult Man.
Hakobuu and Yakult Man were both very popular with visitors.
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