October, 2019

Summer Festival Event Held at the Isuzu Plaza

Contributions to Local Communities and Society

From Saturday, July 20 to Saturday, August 31 (Excluding summer holidays), we held the Summer Festival event at the Isuzu Plaza for elementary school children and families from the local community, as well as visitors from a wide area, to come and enjoy their summer vacation.

Weekdays usually require a reservation in advance, but for the event, these were made free visiting dates that do not require any reservation, allowing guests to casually drop by. The venue was alive with excitement and there was plenty to keep small children entertained. There was a stamp-collecting event, in which visitors could receive original goods by earning stamps for visiting the Isuzu Plaza or using the adjacent Sakura Cafe, as well as the "Hakobuu* Hide-and-Seek" event where visitors could look for a mascot character hidden throughout the venue. The Hakobuu costumed character appeared as well!

The first half of the Summer Festival event started with DeuSEL Special Classes, and the hands-on workshops, school visits and other many events were held. We also held a first trial of the "Job Introduction of female engineers and Soap-Making" workshop for upper grade of elementary school girls, in which they were able to experience the joy of "monozukuri" (craftsmanship) and cultivate an interest in work in which women play an active role.

At our Monozukuri Workshops, in which employees involved in production and development serve as instructors, we held our usual casting, design, and plastics classes. These workshops were so popular with children that there were long lines to apply every day.

During the latter half of the festival, on Saturday, August 24, there was an event to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the ELF truck. The official mascot of Fujisawa City, Fujikyun, came to celebrate, and the venue was packed with guests all day long.

On the last day of the event, Saturday, August 31, we held the Trailer Transport Driving Experience (where visitors could experience transport through the use of remote-controlled versions of Isuzu Giga vehicles), which was attended by many families with young children. The remote-control trucks were driven around the test course set up in the plaza hall, bringing all the events to a close at the excitement-packed venue.

While it continued to be extremely hot during the festival period, about 14,000 people came to visit us and take part in a variety of events, enjoying days of fun at the Isuzu Plaza.

Hakobuu meeting children.
Participants listen intently to the explanation during the casting class.
"Transport" experience using remote-controlled Giga tractor units.
Fujikyun visits during the ELF 60th anniversary event.
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