September 27, 2019

Isuzu Exhibitions in the 46th Tokyo Motor Show

Isuzu Motors Limited (headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo; Masanori Katayama, President and Representative Director; hereinafter "Isuzu") is going to showcase five vehicles (including four reference exhibits), powertrains, etc. at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show to be held at the Tokyo Big Site from Thursday, October 24 to Monday/National holiday, November 4.

Under the theme of

Create with you -for supporting Transportation-

Even in today's ever-changing time, Isuzu strives to support transportation around the globe, so much so that it's been actively building collaborative relationships with customers and society creating new solutions.
The Isuzu booth featuring not only its flagship model GIGA but also the reference exhibits of FL-IR, ELF EV Walk-through Van and ERGA DUO will be displaying its commitment in co-creating solutions with the customers and society to advance the new-generation of transportation.


  1. 1GIGA [World Premiere·reference exhibit]

    GIGA, Isuzu's flagship model advanced further
    In addition to the latest advanced safety feature, GIGA's boosted the existing feature aiming to alleviate driver fatigue. By improving these features in tandem, it's stepped up to the next level of performance. All contributes to driving safety: Pre-crash brake capable of detecting pedestrians and bicycles, a safety measure which avoids accidents when turning at intersections, Blind Spot Monitoring that assists safe lane changes, LED headlights which vary light distribution for maximum visibility, etc.
    To reduce driver fatigue GIGA is renewed with a cruise control system which uses a millimeter-wave radar to measure the distance from a preceding vehicle in order to follow safely at all speeds, a newly-designed high roof cabin, etc.
    MIMAMORI to analyze the state of the vehicle is too beefed up and it now checks and monitors the safety features providing the customer with peace-of-mind uptime.

  2. 2Show Model FL-IR [World Premiere·reference exhibit]

    With the concept of Creating new ways of working for the long-haul driver enabling them to feel safe, secure and stimulated, a model's been developed specially for the show to depict a futuristic distribution network.
    By linking the similarities in connected and platooning trucks to marine mammals that navigate through ultrasonic sound waves and their unique swimming formation, a shark-inspired bio design was created to illustrate an image of a mighty robot. Its exterior is designed organically with a sharp-nose cabin vital to let it cut through the wind, which is contrasted by a sturdy aero device around it.
    Inside the cabin, a layer design is employed enabling to adjust the layout of a dashboard when switching between manual and autonomous driving. Seats can come together in the center for pleasurable driving and comfort.

  3. 3ERGA DUO [reference exhibit]

    Isuzu and Hino jointly developed Japan's first hybrid articulated bus.
    Not only it efficiently transports a great many people, but also its hybrid system responds to the need to reduce environmental burdens.
    Moreover, EDSS (Emergency Driving Stop System), built into the transit bus for the first time in the world, decelerates and brings it to a stop by pressing an emergency button when a passenger or crew member detects something wrong with the driver.
    Further, the bus is loaded with jointly developed new technologies to support a Advanced Rapid Transit (ART): Precise Docking Control which automatically aligns the bus with the bus stop, Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC) which automatically accelerates and decelerates with regard to preceding vehicles' speed changes via vehicle-to-vehicle communication with the preceding vehicles, Visual Support System which detects moving obstacles outside the vehicle, etc.

  4. 4ELF EV Walk-through Van [World Premiere·reference exhibit]

    ELF EV Walk-through Van, next-gen light delivery vehicle
    On top of being environmentally conscious such as zero emissions, quiet operation, etc., it takes advantage of the EV architecture which allows for a walk-through structure to provide better working conditions for drivers and optimize efficiency in collection and delivery. A swivel seat on a driver-side makes it easy for the driver to get in and out of the vehicle.
    In respect to safety, a combination of a digital mirror system (CMS*1) which covers a wider range of view than any conventional mirrors together with 3D Surround Multiview*2 that provides a 3D vehicle periphery monitoring secures safety for the driver and surroundings.

    1. *1Camera monitoring system
    2. *2Omnidirectional monitor
  5. 5ELF

    New model ELF revamped for better driving, stopping and connection
    A new engine 4JZ1 fitted with urea SCR has made it possible to achieve both compliance to the Japan's PPNLT emissions standards and top-of-the-diesel-class fuel efficiency (driving). *3
    A suite of advanced safety features, such as pre-crash brake system supported by stereo cameras with superior forward obstacle detection, comes as a standard (stopping). *4
    Vehicle conditions are remotely monitored through a connected technology (connecting) and PREISM, employing predictive analytics over real-time data for maintenance to be performed by an authorized Isuzu dealer, is now available.

    1. *3In reference to Japan's fuel efficiency standards for heavy duty vehicles. Except certain 4WD models. Data dated August 2019, sourced by Isuzu.
    2. *4Except some models
  6. 64JZ1-TCH/TCS diesel engine

    4JZ1, most advanced diesel engine featuring both compliance to the latest emissions standards and top-class fuel efficiency
    Further evolved 4JJ1a leading diesel engine for ELF, the new engine 4JZ1 developed specially for commercial vehicles.
    In addition to significantly revamping the engine performance as a whole, an innovative package layout is employed so that it enables to position Diesel Particulate Defuser (DPD) close-coupled to the engine. It not only has achieved both compliance to the Japan's Post Post New Long Term (PPNLT) emissions standards and optimal fuel efficiency, but also offers a lineup of engines with high output, etc. to respond to the market needs.

  7. 7PREISM

    PREISM*5 is a program aiming to support the customers' core business, transportation by proactively preventing vehicle breakdowns.
    A vehicle in motion is monitored via an in-vehicle mobile communication terminal so that the vehicle conditions are constantly analyzed remotely.
    Further, since PREISM uses the collected data to perform a precision maintenance by an authorized Isuzu dealer, it proactively maintains the vehicle and eliminates the risk of breakdowns. Even in the event of a breakdown, the data are analyzed to predict what maintenance and repair work the vehicle needs before brought in so that it helps to save time required for maintenance.
    PREISM, developed to support the vehicle's steady running and optimal uptime and nip signs of breakdown via a network of connections, will be showcased on stage.

    1. *5PREISM: (PRE = Pre-breakdown) + (ISM = Isuzu's philosophy)
  8. 8Natural Gas Vehicle

    Having considering the pros and cons of various alternatives to transportation energy and needs to conserve the environment, Isuzu has placed natural gas as an important alternative to fossil fuels, and has been developing vehicles powered by natural gas. Initiatives and design innovations Isuzu has worked on for future generations of natural gas vehicles, such as LNG truck which runs on a liquefied gas kept in its liquid state at very low temperatures, etc., are exhibited.
    Natural gas, also known as utility gas, is a clean energy source widely used in residences and commercial buildings. How natural gas positively impacts our daily lives will also be highlighted.

  9. 9Isuzu's social pentagon

    Five social agenda need to be solved throughout Isuzu business. will be illustrated.

  10. 10Family gathering space

    The space is dedicated for families to gather and help them feel closer to commercial vehicles through the contents such as a touch panel showing commercial vehicles serving various purposes, photo booth where anyone can be a truck driver!

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Create with you -for supporting Transportation-
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