September, 2019

Grand Prize Received in "TABLE FOR TWO Awards 2019" Menu and Drinks Division

Social Contribution Initiatives

On August 29, 2019, at the "TABLE FOR TWO Awards 2019" event hosted by specified nonprofit corporation TABLE FOR TWO International *1, Aim Services Co., Ltd. (a company responsible for managing Isuzu's company cafeterias) and Isuzu received the Grand Prize in the Menu and Drinks division.

Including the "TABLE FOR TWO General Selection Contest" that preceded the "TABLE FOR TWO AWARDS", this marks the second consecutive year that Isuzu has received a Grand Prize, with a total of three Grand Prizes to date.

Ahead of the awards ceremony, the "TABLE FOR TWO Activity Report Meeting" was held on different days in July in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, with participation by a total of 200 HR, CSR and other such personnel of companies which have introduced the TABLE FOR TWO Program *2. Popularity votes were held separately for the Menu and Drinks divisions, the PR division, Products and Services division, and Exercise division.

Isuzu's award-winning menu used ingredients chosen to support the revitalization of regions of Japan, as well as euglena (which can also be used as an environmentally friendly biodiesel fuel), to create creative and healthy bento-style box lunches. Out of the 22 entries in the Menu and Drinks division, Isuzu's was awarded first place.

  1. *1Nonprofit corporation TABLE FOR TWO International: Established in October 2007 as an NPO whose goal is to resolve food and health-related problems around the world. It is focused on support activities which provide school lunches to children in developing countries suffering from hunger and malnutrition, but is also engaged in initiatives to address issues with obesity and lifestyle-related diseases in developed countries.
  2. *2TABLE FOR TWO Program: A program which provides individual school lunch meals to children suffering from hunger around the world by including a 20 yen donation in the purchase price of TFT Healthy Menus at employee cafeterias or shops. Isuzu has a system in place at all of its offices where contributions made by employees through applicable healthy menu items or fund-raising activities are matched in the same amount by the company and the totals are provided as donations.
Award-winning menu: "Bringing cheer to Japan! Bento Lunch to support the revitalization of regions of Japan"
The award ceremony was held in Tokyo on August 29, 2019
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