September, 2019

Isuzu's 2019 Summer Festivals

Harmony with Local Communities

On August 2, 2019, the 41st "Isuzu Fujisawa Festival" was held at Isuzu's Fujisawa Plant, and the 39th "Isuzu Tochigi Festival" was held at its Tochigi Plant. These summer festivals are held with the goal of expressing our feelings of appreciation to our employees and their families, as well as to show our gratitude to everyone from local communities who have given us their ongoing cooperation.
This year, there were roughly 24,000 visitors to the Fujisawa Plant and roughly 9,000 to the Tochigi Plant. The residents of nearby areas enjoyed a variety of events and activities together with our employees and their families.

Fujisawa Plant: 41st "Isuzu Fujisawa Festival"

At the Fujisawa Plant, an exhibition of automobiles was held near the Children's Square once again to inform children and local residents about the types of cars produced by Isuzu. In addition to the daytime display, the exhibition area was lit up at night, allowing visitors to get powerful impressions of the many types of automobiles and large vehicles while also familiarizing them with commercial vehicles.
The festival started off with a marching parade featuring the students of Kanto Gakuin's junior high school and high school, and included many sensational events for crowds of visitors, such as wadaiko (Japanese drum) performances and parades highlighting the Isuzu Banto-Mikoshi portable shrines, capped off with fireworks at the finale.

Marching parade featuring students from Kanto Gakuin's junior high school and high school
Powerful wadaiko drum performance by employees of NHK Spring Co., Ltd.
Delighted crowds watching the annual Isuzu Banto-Mikoshi parade
Spectacular fireworks to conclude the summer festival

Tochigi Plant: 39th "Isuzu Tochigi Festival"

With the theme of "Love for the earth, love for family, and love for the workplace", the Tochigi Plant held a festival for local residents, employees, and their families to take part in enjoyable events while providing opportunities to interact and communicate with each other. The festival venue welcomed crowds of visitors with exciting activities, including market booths in collaboration with Tochigi City, a brass band from a local high school (Sano Nihon University High School, Tochigi Prefecture), local wadaiko drum club (Kobu Gikai), and an annual customary fireworks display.
Also, as part of our regional contribution activities, we cooperated with local police to hold activities to promote awareness of road safety, including activities to stamp out drunk driving, and gave guests the opportunity to try out police patrol cars and motorcycles. We also staged a vehicle exhibition allowing local nursery school students to directly see and touch various Isuzu products in the hope of sparking their interest.

Road safety awareness activities in cooperation with local police
Police patrol car and motorcycle experience in cooperation with local police
Children attending local nursery schools were invited to a vehicle exhibition
Fireworks display to mark the festival's finale
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