July, 2019

Awarding of the FY2018 Isuzu Group Energy-Saving Grand Prize and 3R Grand Prize

Environmental Initiatives

The Isuzu Group Energy-Saving Grand Prize and 3R Grand Prize primarily focus on Isuzu Group companies. We call for nominations of energy conservation activities or 3R-related improvement activities throughout the group, and from these, select activities of particular excellence.
In FY2018, we awarded prizes for 8 excellent examples of energy-saving activities and 7 3R activities from among the numerous entries we received. Of these, we awarded the 3R Grand Prize to ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED (Fujisawa City, Kanagawa) for its outstanding 3R activities.

3R Grand Prize: "Reduction in volume of circulated water in compressors." Fujisawa Plant, ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED

Through a cycle of heating and evaporating followed by cooling and recirculating, the cooling water used by equipment in the plant to produce compressed air becomes concentrated, eventually leaving behind only impurities. Therefore, the Fujisawa Plant has been constantly replenishing its supply of industrial water by pumping up groundwater.
However, water is a limited resource. In order to reduce the amount of water used to replenish its supply, the plant started using water with a low amount of impurities (deionized water), which results in cooling water that is harder to concentrate, reducing the amount of supplemental water required and creating a significant reduction in the amount of water used by the plant.
As an additional effect of this initiative, the reduction in water usage has also reduced the amount of wastewater produced, the load on wastewater treatment equipment, and the amount of power and chemicals required for the treatment process.

3R Grand Prize winners (Fujisawa Plant, ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED)
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