July, 2019

Participated in the 2019 Mt. Fuji Forestation Project

Social Contribution Initiatives

On May 25, a total of 102 employees and their families as well as OB (former employee) comrades from Isuzu Omori Head Office, Fujisawa district, ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), and ISUZU MOTOR SYUTOKEN CO., LTD. (Koto-ku, Tokyo) participated in the 2019 Mt. Fuji Forestation Project.

This project aims to restore Mt. Fuji's strong and versatile forest ecosystem at the northern foot of this World Heritage Site mountain (designated by UNESCO in 2013). Isuzu has participated in these forestation activities since 2008, in cooperation with organizations such as OISCA (The Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement-International) and Yamanashi Prefecture's Forest Maintenance Association.

Last year's repeated typhoons caused serious damage to the forest, including the uprooting of grown trees. As such, this year we focused our activities on repairing the net that was set up to protect the saplings we planted in the past from deer and the wind and snow.

Additionally, children of elementary school age and younger were able to come into contact with the natural greenery of Mt. Fuji by attending the "Forest Nursery" event, where they played on swings attached to the trees by rope, and knitted yarn using twigs and branches.

Commemorative photo with Mt. Fuji in the background.
Participants carrying out repair work.
Raising a fallen sapling.
Playing on the swing at the Forest Nursery.
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