May, 2019

Spring Festival Event Held at the Isuzu Plaza

Harmony with Local Communities

From Tuesday, March 26 to Saturday, April 6, we held the Spring Festival event at the Isuzu Plaza for elementary school children and families with young children living in neighboring areas to enjoy their leisure days.

Weekdays usually require a reservation in advance, but for the event, these were made free visiting dates that do not require any reservation, allowing guests to casually drop by.
At the event, we hosted activities such as the Trailer Transport Driving Experience (where visitors could experience transport through the use of remote-controlled versions of Isuzu Giga vehicles), the Spring Vacation Quiz Rally (where visitors answered questions to gain an increased understanding of transport), commemorative photos using a cutout board based on the first-generation Isuzu Elf (N series), photos with Mimamori-kun*, a collaborative campaign with Sakura Cafe*, and more.

We were fortunate enough to have fine weather throughout the event, and approximately 5,000 visitors enjoyed days of fun at the Isuzu Plaza.

  • *Mimamori-kun: The mascot character of MIMAMORI, an operation support service provided by Isuzu.
  • *Cafe and restaurant in the PLAZA annex (hotel & dining) adjacent to the Isuzu Plaza.
Mimamori-kun greets visitors waiting at reception.
Transport experience using remote-controlled Giga tractor units.
Commemorative photos with Mimamori-kun against a background of cherry blossoms.
A family enjoying taking photos using a cutout board based on the first-generation Isuzu Elf (N series).
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