May, 2019

Educational Support Activities at a Vocational School for Auto Mechanics in the Philippines

Social Contribution Initiatives

On February 27, the graduation ceremony for the 15th class of students and the closing ceremony for current students took place at the Tacloban auto mechanic vocational school in the Philippines.
All 18 graduates received NC4 qualification, the highest qualification in the country, and will be employed by Isuzu distributors.
Including the 15th class, there have now been 266 graduates, of which 32 are active overseas.
As of October 2018, there are a total of three graduates working in Japan, of which two are employed at ISUZU MOTOR SYUTOKEN CO., LTD., and one who is employed at the Education Department of ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED.
Furthermore, the graduates represented the Philippines in the I-1 Grand Prix*, adding a second victory to their internationally-recognized achievements.
At the ceremony, Senior Counselor Ida made a farewell address to the graduates, in which he spoke of his desire for the graduates to use the basic knowledge that they have learned at the school as their greatest asset, and to press on with the confidence that they will be second to none.
Isuzu will continue to support this project.

  • *I-1 Grand Prix:The Isuzu World Service Technical Competition. In this competition, Isuzu's most talented service staff and mechanics gather from countries and regions all over the world to improve the service level in each country by competing against each other's knowledge and technical abilities in country and regional tournaments to find the World No.1.
15th class graduates.
The graduation ceremony.
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