April, 2019

Co-sponsoring the "Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra Factory" Event at Elementary Schools near the Fujisawa Plant

Harmony with Local Communities

Isuzu co-sponsored the "Orchestra Factory" event held by the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra at Ayase Municipal Ayase Elementary School (February 13) and Ayase Municipal Ochiai Elementary School (February 14) in Kanagawa prefecture. A total of 1,224 students from both schools participated.

This program, which is now in its fifth year, aims to provide children with opportunities to experience music, to foster their creativity and enrich their artistic sensitivity.

The students not only listened to live performances by the orchestra, but also practiced diligently with its members in advance so they could perform together with the orchestra on the day of the event.
The orchestra performed the school song as its final piece on each day, giving a wonderful, moving gift to the children.

  • *Orchestra Factory:
    An event in which children can experience "the creation of a wonderful 'product' (= 'music') through the combined efforts of many people with unified hearts and minds" by listening to live orchestra performances and performing together with the orchestra members. The aim of the event is to bring out the image of "production at a factory" through the musical performances.
Workshop held in advance with the orchestra members (Ochiai Elementary School).
A dream performance playing together with the orchestra (Ayase Elementary School).
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