April, 2019

Activity to Preserve the Memories of 3/11

Social Contribution Initiatives

As an activity to keep the memories of the Great East Japan Earthquake fresh in our minds, Isuzu offered a special "Tohoku Support Menu" at our company cafeterias in the Omori (Head Office), Fujisawa, and Tochigi districts on March 11, featuring dishes made with ingredients from the Tohoku region.

This was the fourth year of our "3/11 is a Day for Connection"* initiative within our company, as a way of having our employees reaffirm "the importance of bonds" created with the disaster areas.
This year, 820 employees selected set menu items featuring Fukushima prefecture's famous "sauce katsudon" (Worcestershire sauce-flavored pork cutlet and rice bowl).

We will continue to support this initiative to encourage its interest and involvement by as many employees as possible.

  • *"3/11 is a Day for Connection": A project started by ETIC, a non-profit organization serving as the Secretariat of the "Michinoku Reconstruction Business Partners" in order to maintain support activities for the areas affected by the 3/11 disaster.
In the Fujisawa district, posters were displayed from 1 week before the event to promote the concept of "3/11 is a Day for Connection."
A set meal including "sauce katsudon" which is a specialty of Fukushima prefecture, with mekabu (root of wakame seaweed) from Sanriku, okra with grated yam dressing, and taro soup with meat and vegetables from Miyagi.
A DVD was shown from 1 week before the event in the Head Office district to promote the concept of "3/11 is a Day for Connection."
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