March, 2019

Winter Events (Christmas and Valentine's Day) Held at the Isuzu Plaza

Harmony with Local Communities

We held two winter events at the Isuzu Plaza for people living in neighboring areas and families with children to enjoy their leisure days.

[Christmas Event]
During our Christmas event held from December 15 to 24, we displayed a Christmas tree and a truck decorated like a reindeer, giving visitors a different view of the Isuzu Plaza. The event also featured many special activities to stir up excitement for Christmas at the Plaza, such as a large lottery to win a radio-controlled model of an Isuzu Elga (route bus), "gacha gacha" capsule toy machines with secret prizes, and a concert by the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra supported by Isuzu Motors.
Over 2,100 people visited during the period of the event, and it was enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.

[Valentine's Day Event]
The "ISUZU PLAZA Happy Valentine's Day 2019" event was held from February 9 to 14. Even though some days were cold with lightly falling snow, there were long lines of people waiting for the plaza to open, with approximately 2,000 people visiting the facility and having a wonderful time there.
During the event, we gave out chocolates shaped like cars, staged a large lottery to win lavish prizes, and held activities such as a raffle for those who answered questionnaires to win truffle chocolates and drink coupons that could be used at the "Sakura Cafe"*. In particular, many children cheered as they gathered around our "Mimamori-kun"* character, and were thrilled to take commemorative photos with him.

  • *Cafe and restaurant in the PLAZA annex (hotel & dining) adjacent to the Isuzu Plaza
  • *Mimamori-kun: Mascot character of "MIMAMORI", an item for Isuzu operational support.
Truck decorated like a reindeer
Concert by the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
Visitors waiting for the event opening and check-in
Children taking commemorative photos with Mimamori-kun
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