February, 2019

Making Christmas Wreaths with Vines and Nuts Gathered from our Plants

Harmony with Local Communities

A workshop was held before Christmas at the Isuzu Plaza on December 20 and 21 to make wreaths out of vines and nuts gathered from our Tochigi and Fujisawa Plants, with about 100 parents and children participating.

The Tochigi Plant has been facing difficulties disposing of the large quantities of akebia and kudzu vines that grow on its site,
while acorns, pine cones, and red berries can be collected at the Fujisawa Plant.
These natural materials from both sites were utilized in a wreath-making workshop which was organized based on suggestions from the plant staff members.

In addition to the collected materials, colorful decorations prepared for the workshop such as ribbons and stickers, and ornaments of our ELF, GIGA, and ERGA characters made by the Trial Production Department, were also very popular, so the participants enjoyed making their own unique wreaths.

Through these types of workshops created with the ingenuity and cooperation of each department in our company, we intend to offer opportunities for many Isuzu Plaza visitors to experience the joy of making things with their own hands this year as well.

Vines growing at the Tochigi Plant
Gathering acorns at the Fujisawa Plant
Scene from the workshop
A masterpiece in the making
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