February, 2019

Participation in the Ohira Industrial Festival

Harmony with Local Communities

On November 23, Isuzu exhibited a booth at the 16th Ohira Industry Festival (Host: Industry Promotion Division, Ohira General Branch, Tochigi City).

Isuzu showed its support for the event's theme of "regional activities for industrial promotion", holding an informative exhibition of diesel engines (4JZ1) and ELF fire engines, and commemorative photo sessions with our mascot character "Mimamori-kun", in the hopes of strengthening communication with residents living in the vicinity of Isuzu's Tochigi Plant.

Many families and their children visited on the day of the event, and we were able to deepen our ties with the local community.

Commemorative photo with Mimamori-kun
The Isuzu booth was also popular with children
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