January, 2019

"Isuzu Work Introduction" Activity Held at Shinagawa Gakuen

Harmony with Local Communities

On the two days of November 26 and December 1, the "Isuzu Work Introduction" activity was held at Shinagawa-ward's Shinagawa Gakuen*1.
This initiative was conducted as a part of the "Shinagawa Dream Job" program implemented by Shinagawa-ward. Its objective is to allow schoolchildren to hear presentations given by people from corporations and local communities who are active in various fields, so that they can gain an interest in related occupations, think about their own future plans, and learn ways to realize their dreams and goals.

The activity was attended by 119 first-year middle school students (7th graders). On Day 1, it featured a "General Introduction of Isuzu Motors", while on Day 2, four young employees representing three departments from Isuzu gave explanations of their individual work.
The departments introduced were the International Sales Department, Chassis Design Department, and Vehicle Production Department (Maintenance Section). The employees used inventive materials to give easy-to-understand explanations about the roles and workplaces of the jobs they are responsible for, which all of the children listened to with expressions of great interest.

Although it was the first time for Isuzu to carry out such initiative, the employees were asked many questions during a question-and-answer session all the way until its conclusion, and the presenters could truly feel the enthusiasm of the participating students.

  1. *1.An integrated elementary and middle school known as a "Compulsory Education School", which is a new school classification based on the School Education Act, amended in June 2015. Under this classification, the 6-year period corresponding to the elementary school stage is treated as a first-phase program, while the 3-year period corresponding to the middle school stage is treated as a second-phase program.
Students raising their hands to answer questions asked by lecturers.
All students listened closely to the lecturers' presentations.
The children showed great interest in uniforms and tools used at work sites.
Scene of students during question-and-answer session.
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