Privacy Policy

Our Corporate Vision is "A leader in transportation, commercial vehicles and diesel engines, supporting our customers and respecting the environment."

Under this Vision, our mission shall be "A global team delivering inspired products and services committed to exceeding expectations."

In addition to this Mission, we must recognize the importance and social nature related to the protection of personal information. All directors and employees shall comply with the laws and other standards and regulations related to personal information; the following will be executed in order to protect personal information.

1.  The handling of personal information related to a customer (hereunder called "Personal Information") shall be managed through the appointment of a dedicated staff, who will be responsible for the appropriate access, loss, damage, updating, leaking, and the prevention and correction of such.
2.  The usage of Personal Information shall be specified, and following the set-up of an obvious and clear corporate contact for our customer, Personal Information will be collected within the constraints of the limits, and handles with care.
3.  Isuzu will manage all Personal Information provided by our customers, and will not utilize, provide, nor disclose any Personal Information without the prior consent of the customer.
(However, this will not be the case in regards to

A.  When it is specified by Law.
B.  When it is deemed necessary to protect the important items such as lives, health, fortunes, etc. of the customers or public.
C.  When it is specifically permitted by Law.)
4.  If, in accordance with 3 above, Isuzu provides customer Personal Information to another company after receiving the customer's consent, Isuzu will have the company to which Isuzu provides the Personal Information properly manage the Personal Information so that it is not leaked, nor redistributed.
5.  If customers wish to view their Personal Information, have it revised in case there are errors, or request to have it deleted, this will be processed within rational limits by contacting the person in charge at Isuzu.
6.  We shall strive to continuously improve this system in order to execute the appropriate protection of Personal Information.

Isuzu Motors Limited