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About Isuzu Isuzu As An Innovative Truck Manufacturer
About Isuzu Isuzu is filling a significant role in the world as a manufacturer of commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles and diesel engines. Isuzu's sophisticated technological strength and various fruits are expected to meet further social demands and produce good prospects for the future.
Isuzu as an innovative truck manufacturer Since the first Isuzu truck rolled off the factory assembly line more than 80 years ago, Isuzu, as an innovative truck manufacturer, has grown into a global corporation leading the automotive industry in the 21st century.

Isuzu-World's Leading Diesel Engine Manufacturer
Isuzu-world's leading diesel engine manufacturer For nearly 70 years, Isuzu has been pioneering numerous technological innovations in the diesel engine field. With a cumulative total production of nearly 19 million diesel engines from its foundation, Isuzu is poised for sharpening its edge as the leading diesel manufacturer.