We aim to be a driving force in life around the world.

A leader in transportation, commercial vehicles and diesel engines, supporting our customers and respecting the environment.

Today, responses to environmental issues such as reducing CO2 emissions and preventing global warming are pressing tasks in the global political and economic arena. Against this background, diesel engines are attracting worldwide praise and attention. In these circumstances, there are growing expectations for our company as it offers a full lineup of diesel engines that meet the strict environmental standards of Japan, the United States and Europe. The mission of Isuzu Motors is to provide the cleanest, most fuel-efficient diesels developed in the most cost-effective way and to ensure stable supplies.
The key to the commercial vehicle business in both domestic and overseas markets is to look at things from the standpoint of customers, providing optimal products and service tailored to customers' needs so that their trucks are always up and running. Based on this idea, in addition to superb "hardware," we also support customers from the "soft" side in such areas as extensive after-sales service and advice on reducing vehicle lifecycle costs.
In our diesel engine operations, we have established the unique position of offering a full lineup of products to cover a broad spectrum of vehicles, from light-duty trucks to heavy-duty trucks. Moreover, we supply not only the engines for our own commercial vehicles but also those for other manufacturers' models as well as industrial-use engines.

President and
Representative Director

Masanori Katayama
The role of Isuzu Motors is to contribute to a rich lifestyle by clearly living up to domestic and global expectations of commercial vehicles and diesel engines. We continue to take up the challenge of becoming a driving force in the lives of people around the world.