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Isuzu products working hard in Japan and abroad.

Trucks & Buses - Domestic Models -
ELF Light-duty Trucks

Japan's representative light-duty truck series, launched in 1959. By constantly incorporating state-of-the-art technology, ELF is renowned for its economy, safety, reliability and durability. ELF export models are called N-Series, which has a solid standing worldwide as the best-selling light-duty truck. In 2006, a full model change based on a world standard further improved its capabilities as a global truck.

FORWARD Medium-duty Trucks

Medium-duty trucks for a wide range of applications including arterial transportation and inner-city delivery as well as various construction tasks and operations. A variety of models are available, including a 4-bag air suspension model offering high-quality transportation and a short-cab model with increased load efficiency. FORWARD export models are called F-Series, which is especially well received in Asia and Australia. A full model change in 2007 significantly enhanced environmental performance, safety and economy.

GIGA Heavy-duty Trucks & Tractors

Heavy-duty truck and tractor series. Equipped with 4-bag air suspension, the Smoother-Gx mechanical automatic transmission and VAT advanced visual support technology, GIGA proactively reduces costs and improves safety. GIGA truck export models are called C-Series and tractor models as E-Series, with No.1 share in Australia and New Zealand. They have also been gaining strength in China and Hong Kong.

GALA Sightseeing Bus

Both large GALA tour buses and GALA mio mid-size buses for private or sightseeing use are available. The GALA series features a high level of environmental performance, safety and comfort, guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable ride.

ERGA Route Bus

The large ERGA for route/private-use buses and the mid-size ERGA mio route buses comply with barrier-free transportation regulations and feature universal design, which follows policies for standard specifications as part of non-step bus certification.

Diesel Engines for Industrial Use
Isuzu industrial-use diesels, a total of twenty-one models ranging from a 3-cylinder 1.1-liter engine to a 6-cylinder 15.7-liter model, are manufactured for domestic and overseas machinery OEM uses. Isuzu diesels are used in construction machinery, freezer units, boats, special-purpose vehicles, generators and energy conservation equipment.

Trucks - Overseas Models -
N-Series Light-duty Trucks

Japan's best-selling light-duty truck series, launched in 1959. By constantly incorporating state-of-the-art technology, ELF has been meeting customers' needs and ELF is exported worldwide with the excellent reputation of reliability, durability and practical performance

F-Series Medium-duty Trucks

FORWARD export models. This extensive model lineup of medium-duty trucks is especially well accepted in Asia and Australia for its toughness and superb environmental performance.

C&E-Series Heavy-duty Trucks & Tractors

GIGA export models -- the C-Series of heavy-duty trucks and E-Series of tractor units. With their power, safety and comfort, these vehicles have achieved particularly good sales in China and Hong Kong. In addition, the series enjoys No.1 market share in Australia and New Zealand.

Pick up Trucks & SUV - Overseas Models -

The 1-ton pickup trucks with proven performance and popularity around the world. Especially In Thailand, D-MAX enjoys overwhelming popularity for its beautiful styling and power. Thailand is Isuzu's pickup manufacturing and export base.


This model, categorized as a PPV (Passenger Pickup Vehicle), has been developed based on the ISUZU D-MAX. With its competence realizing further improved steering ease and stability, comfort, and safety, this model will be meeting the expectations and needs of the customers all over the world.

TRAGA (Indonesia)
TRAGA is a cab-over lightweight truck for emerging markets, engineered by adopting commercial vehicle technologies accumulated within the company based on the Isuzu D-MAX pick-up truck with the aim of maximizing loading efficiency, tight turning performance, and fuel efficiency for customer convenience.