Towards a company that is accepted by society and survives

As a commercial vehicle manufacturer, Isuzu delivers a broad range of products to customers in more than 150 countries around the world, from light-duty pickup trucks to heavy-duty tractors with large 16-liter displacement engines. In addition, we enjoy a unique position as a major supplier of diesel engines to fellow vehicle manufacturers, as well as industrial engines.

In these changing times, the environment surrounding transportation and the needs of our customers are evolving day by day. As we face accelerated trends towards carbon neutrality and increased social expectations for uninterrupted logistics infrastructure, in response to societal issues Isuzu will pursue Carbon Neutral Strategy and Contribute to Logistics Evolution as CV OEM as our two main axes of innovation.

We will Evolve Management from ESG Perspectives to transform ourselves in order to be accepted by the global community, survive and become a sustainable company through this time of profound transformation. We will continue to provide value to society by supporting transportation, with the aim of contributing to enriching people’s lives as a trusted partner.

President and
Representative Director
Masanori Katayama