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"The precaution against infection of new-type coronavirus and influenza"
Nowadays, there have been a concern about infection spread of new-type coronavirus and influenza in Japan.
At ISUZU PLAZA, we will wear masks to prevent secondary infection and reassure our guests as the first priority for the time being.
We would appreciate it if you could please wear masks as far as you can. We kindly ask for your cooperation.

Bookings are required for visits from Tuesday to Friday. Please book at least two days (excluding public holidays and days the Plaza is closed) prior to the day you wish to visit.

* No bookings are needed on Saturdays and public holidays.

Booking Process

  1. Enter required information Visit course, preferred date of visit, number of people, etc.
  2. Confirm entered information
  3. Booking is received
  4. Booking is confirmed Booking is confirmed on receipt of the Booking Confirmation e-mail.

* If you screen your e-mails by domain name, please set "" as an accepted domain name. Also, if your e-mail client automatically rejects e-mails containing links, please disable that setting.