"The precaution against infection of new-type coronavirus and influenza"
Nowadays, there have been a concern about infection spread of new-type coronavirus and influenza in Japan.
At ISUZU PLAZA, we will wear masks to prevent secondary infection and reassure our guests as the first priority for the time being.
We would appreciate it if you could please wear masks as far as you can. We kindly ask for your cooperation.

Isuzu, a Leader in Transportation
Experience Isuzu working hard all over the world!

What does "Leader in Transportation" mean? Presenting Isuzu Motors from various angles.

Isuzu's Beginnings

In the entrance of the Plaza, the Wolseley CP, the first truck Isuzu ever made, is on display. Learn about the story of Isuzu Motors' beginnings.

See a Leader in Transportation!

In one of Japan's largest dioramas depicting trucks and buses, which are indispensable to daily life, driving around the scene, you will gain a deep sense of Isuzu Motors' connections to your daily lives.

Sense the Isuzu of today!

Touch, board, and experience first-hand the latest in trucks and buses, which you would ordinarily only see from a distance.

Isuzu hard at work around the world

Presenting the Isuzu trucks working hard in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and the friends of Isuzu who support them.

Isuzu's Vehicle Manufacturing
See and touch Isuzu's vehicle manufacturing up close!

Learn how trucks are made by seeing the real thing and interacting with them.

Learn how trucks are made!

Learn how Isuzu makes and delivers to customers the trucks that are used by people doing various jobs in many different environments around the world.

Try it yourself!

In this interactive exhibit, learn how working vehicles are supported to keep them transporting goods.

Learn about the systems!

Learn about the structure and mechanisms of trucks and about environmental initiatives in this interactive exhibit.

History of Isuzu
Learn about the history of Isuzu's vehicle manufacturing!

Take a look back at the history of Isuzu as a leader in transportation with restored vehicles, miniature model cars, and archive materials from those days.

Classic vehicles over the years

Presenting the many vehicles Isuzu has produced over the years and the historical background of their respective eras.

History of technology

Presenting the history of the various technologies alongside the representative diesel engines of each era.

Floor Map

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  • Escalator
  • StairsStairs
  • RestroomsRestrooms
  • Vending machines
  • Nursing mothers' room
  • Locker room
  • Smoking room

Community Area

Fujisawa City's and Isuzu's Journey

Presenting the history of Fujisawa City and Isuzu, forging a path together since 1960.


Studio used for creative workshops and other activities that connect Isuzu to the local community.

Plaza Shop

Check out Isuzu Plaza's original merchandise, available exclusively at the Plaza Shop.


Take a breather as you admire the garden view.

Nearby Facilities

Plaza Garden

Cherry Tree of Learning

A massive cherry tree that has grown together with the Fujisawa Plant since it first opened. Take a break under the tree on a fine day.

Outdoor Vehicle Exhibit

The large truck, Isuzu GIGA, is on display. A great opportunity to see a large truck up close.
(Truck cannot be boarded.)

Green Space

Green space modeled on the traditional rural landscape of Fujisawa. What living creatures are in the stream?


Cafe on the 1st floor of the neighboring PLAZA annex. Enjoy lunch or a cup of tea while admiring the view of the Plaza Garden.