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President Masanori Katayama

President Masanori Katayama

Hello everyone. My name is Katayama from Isuzu Motors. Thank you very much for visiting Isuzu booth today.

Isuzu is celebrating the 80th anniversary this year. Isuzu trucks were the driving force in supporting people’s life and delivering goods and services when the entire nation was rebuilding the country after the war.
The long history and traditions of Isuzu have shaped our passion for trucks.

During the construction boom in the high-growth period, a variety of construction trucks such as tippers and agitators played an active role. As the highway network spread across the country, roadways began to fill up with freight trucks and buses.

We too have looked to find ways to support “transport” in society.


The progress made over the past eventful years is truly making our life increasingly easy. So much so that we can now get what we need whenever we wish.

What is supporting this convenient lifestyle? The answer is “transport”.
“Commercial transport” is now indispensable in our everyday life, and we believe its importance will continue to grow.

We have opened Isuzu booth here at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 with the event theme, “Driving the New Age of Transport”.

The mission of Isuzu Motors is summarized in the phrase, “Truck for life!”
Since Isuzu was established 80 years ago, we have learnt the significance of “transport” through our history of serving the “transport” of the world.
Looking back, there was a time when we were not sure if we could sustain our business.
Thanks to all your warm support, Isuzu has survived to this date.

How is Isuzu going to contribute to society as we move forward into the future? The proposals Isuzu would like to make to address various challenges are unveiled at this Tokyo Motor Show.

First, allow me to introduce “ELF EV”, which is packed with the Isuzu’s concept of EV truck.

ELF, Isuzu’s light-duty truck, has been highly valued by many customers for a very long time. We will not launch ELF EV to anyone until we are certain that all the functions and performance that commercial vehicles should have are built into it.

Commercial trucks must be “economically-viable” and “easy-to-use”.
To overcome both challenges, we have invested our time and effort to bring the technology to our customers’ use.

We aim to pilot-launch “ELF EV” next year to closely monitor the markets.

We will be monitoring to identify how customers use the EV truck to make sure that our EV truck is designed to suit their applications no matter what freight, how much load and how long they haul.
Through the monitoring, we will develop optimized specifications, which will lead to building “economically-viable” and “easy-to-use” commercial EVs that deliver total satisfaction.

As part of our commitment in driving the new age of “transport”, we propose a new-concept commercial vehicle, and that is “ELF EV”!

However, depending on how customers use their trucks, EVs may not be viable in their current forms. To apply optimal technologies to fulfill various needs, Isuzu will continue to develop clean diesel engines and natural gas trucks.

Two years ago, Isuzu launched heavy-duty CNG trucks run by natural gas. Now, Isuzu is involved in a technology development/verification project commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in order to launch LNG trucks which have a longer cruising range.
Our LNG trucks are slated to undergo a monitoring test on public roads next year.


Next, I would like to introduce Isuzu 6x6.

We have been supplying defense trucks which are used to transport people and goods to the Ministry of Defense for many years.
These trucks drive tremendously well on mighty rough roads, and played an active role in rescuing victims and rebuilding efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The terrain-running performance built into the defense trucks and high endurance reliability as well as proven Isuzu DNA are all integrated into the truck for civilian use, and this is Isuzu 6x6!

Japan, a disaster-prone country, must continue to find ways to prepare for calamities. As Isuzu, a Japanese CV manufacturer that is committed to pursue its mission “Truck for life!”, we must fulfill our mission of delivering civilian trucks which are ready to “sustain lifelines” in emergencies. This is why Isuzu 6x6 was developed!

We hope to identify the potential applications, which will make full use of the characteristics of Isuzu 6x6 with you, and this is one of the proposals we present today.

Please see your left side. There it is, our suggestion for the delivery truck of the future, called “FD-SI” design concept.

We’ve tried to envisage “the joy of delivering and receiving goods” to project how we view the future “transport”, particularly small package delivery.
Its exterior is a honeycomb-like design. The freight space is also structured like a honeycomb featuring a good compromise between strength and space needed for storage.
Together with the concept model, we’ve put up a video clip which shows how we envision the role of the futuristic truck. Please take a moment to look at them.


In addition to amplifying product offering to support “transport”, we’ve continued to focus on “uptime support” to ensure zero interruption in the “transport”.

We will continue to evolve “MIMAMORI”, a telematics system for commercial vehicles, which helps fleets run more efficient and safer operations and conserve fuel through eco driving. We’ll further enhance "PREiSM", a system to “connect trucks”, which monitors vehicle conditions and uses the data for preventive maintenance.

I’d also like to mention about advanced technologies being developed to support “transport in the future. We are currently collaborating with fellow CV manufacturers to jointly develop ITS technologies and hybrid articulated buses.

Before I conclude my speech, please allow me to give a word of thanks to people in Japan who have shaped Isuzu Motors into what it is today.
We acknowledge that the today’s automotive industry is facing a drastic change, far beyond what we’ve known up so far. Now, non-automotive participants are in the auto market for advancing new technologies into practice.
Nonetheless, Isuzu will continue to march into the next level with the Japanese society as a global CV manufacturer whose mission is to advance the “transport” of the world into the future.

Now you know where Isuzu Motors is heading to, and we would appreciate your continuous support.